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Sermorelin is an hgh based therapy. Therefore,participating in Sermorelin therapy leads to the same exact results that a patience would experience on hgh therapy.The aim is to elevate GH levels, which in turn raises IGF-1 levels.
the only difference between the two therapies is how GH levels are increased.
An hgh therapy involves the direct administration of synthetic hgh, whereas Sermorelin Injection stimulates the production of endogenous GH.
This makes Sermorelin Injection much safer to take because it is stimulating the production of your own natural hormone production,which ensures that the pituitary gland receives regular stimulation.
Conversely hgh therapy can lead to pituitary atrophy if it is improperly administered and interferes with normal GH production.because sermorelin stimulates normal pulsatile GH release patterns, it enters the blood stream naturally to help promote better results while reducing the potential for side effect.

sermorelin injections usually improves sleep within the first few weeks of therapy same within the time frame an Increased energy levels as well and improved mood.sermorelin like hgh really kicks in after 3-6 moth's of therapy
but as mention in the first 2 weeks a noticeable better sleep which goes hand & hand improved energy.

in a month you can experience deep sleep to wake up with a pep a sense of well feeling, on the second month of therapy you will notice reduced belly fat improved metabolism, muscle tone,Improved skin tone and fewer wrinkles, stronger hair & nails, mental focus.

I like to first give thanks to my doc Henry from Entourage Medical for sending me my package right on time to start my log.
I received my package yesterday of sermorelin 6 mg vial with with bac water & syringes..

Instructions: you need alcohol swap to swipe clean the needle stomper of each vials bac water & sermorelin vials to have them clean from any contamination that can kill the living cells in the sermorelin..

reconstitute with sermorelin 6 mg with a needle of 6ml bac water note there is a 3mg vial of sermorelin to reconstitute you will need to add a needle with 3ml of bac water..
the needle must pin side way through the stomper of sermorelin vial just passing the stomper reaching the vial glass wall keep enough distance and away from the living powder cell of sermorelin at this point slowly constitute
bac water into sermorelin vial take your time sermorelin cells are very fragile once done grab the sermorelin vial in between your palms gently roll between your palm for up to 2 minutes to fully dissolve poder cells. You can use a regular syringe or an insulin one, mark 2 fingers away from the belly button on the fat layer of the skin, make sure you clean the area with alcohol before.
when done all these step pin .20 out of 1 ml before bedtime. always keep refrigerated..

I did just that last night slept with no effect yet, I woke up a couple times through the night no deep sleep yet nor when I woke had no pep.
of course this will take sometime as I explained already..
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Today was a great day, like every other day, a blessing since we live it once lol. I've been super bussy with work, but I did notice an increase in energy for a few hours while at work. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I'm used to my natural energy levels, but I did notice a spike in my energy so that was great. For my cutting cyle my macros will be, 1 pound of protein per body weight, 0.5 grams of carbs per pound and around 70 total grams of fat.
So far, not too much to report except the spike in my energy level, which I surely appreciate it at work.
I am anxious to see how I react tonight after injecting it before bedtime, I'm looking forward to experiencing better sleep quality and waking up rested and energized ready to start my day.
Tomorrow I start my cutting diet and workouts, so I'll keep you posted.
Holly baby Jesus ! I slept like our baby lord ! deep sleep for 7 hours straight no interruptions and woke up with no drag or slow getting up ! I woke with energy like a fat kid wants pancakes mixed with peanut butter banana honey syrup after sleeping so long on an empty stomach !
so far this is a significance for me since I suffer from Insomnia ! ..
Thanks Doc Henry for this help,
but I still need to see more out of sermorelin before giving full credit..
did you have vivid dreams during this sleep? good to hear you got some good sleep.

Yes Sir, funny thing at the time of posting my bit of progress early today in the morning, I did not remember my vivid dream, wierd vivid one and the fact that I forgot about it until the middle of my day at work when it hit me of having this vivid weird dream lol, I also forgot to mention numbness on my left hand & fingers at time of waking up, I think the numbness wasn't a bother during my first time of deep sleeping, but 7 hours of deep sleep is a victory for me.
throught the day I had normal steady energy not a spike I had this morning or like yesterday, I guess sermorelin is starting to slowley leveling into my blood, I can't wait to see when it fully reach blood levels.
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Also I couldn't start my clean cutting diet or workouts been very bussy at work, this shouldn't be any excuse I will try it again and start tomorrow..

like Nikes qoute "JUST DO IT"
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just pinned my 3rd 20 IU, let's see tomorrow how it goes, I will keep everyone posted
Thank's doc, Just woke up with better energy slept deep and woke up without a drag no numbness what so ever, however had repeated vivid dreams only this time I remember having so, I have a pep of energy like If I had a cup full of Cuban coffe, Cuban coffe is a very strong coffe for those that didn't know, I'ts made like the Italian coffe expresso but stronger..
will keep everyone posted of how my day goes..
Slow day for a mobile Mechanic, I think I'm done for the day unless some customer calls me wich they do sometime when slow like today it picks up for me sometimes, so don't know yet how much work I might be able to do before sun down..
However so far steady steady energy not like this morning.
My body composition has changed a bit, I see more vascularity than before, for those of you bodybuilders you know what I mean, now I see myself at my cars window venier in area's of my bicep I have not seen in a while..
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Wow 10 hours of deep sleep last night no vivid dreams that I can't remember, woke up with a bit of numbness on my left hands and fingers, no drag getting up with steady normal energy, no pain on my neck 2 bulge disk or lower back 2 herniated disk..
steady energy no spike on the peptide yet..
I do notice more appetite and & going more than usual to the bathroom on #2. I do have fiber in my diet wish I already started but not enough to make me go often to the bathroom, these mild sides from sermorelin so far..
sides are:
1. often every surprising moment spike of energy.
2. deep sleep.
3. numbness during sleep not often.
4. mild vivid dreams not often.
5. waking up with energy.
6. decreased to no pain on my Injured back.
7. increased appetite.
8. Increased vascularity.
9. Increased libido wish I for got to mention.
10. more often bowl movement.
all this in just 4 days.
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it's been a week now,and I haven't pinned my prescribed test c 200 mg, I will test the limitations of sermorelin by not taking the test c for 2 more weeks since I have hypogonadism, I will notice all the effect of my therapy with test c go away just to see if sermorelin can be effective just by it's self..

please don't fallow this post advice, but allow me to take this risk for you, remember if I do good without my therapy of test c, this will not mean it will work for you in other words this is just a test administered only for my information in my research only..
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more progress on my 5th day, slept deep and woke up after 10 hours of sleep, no vivid dreams no numbness, woke up with a pep of energy a spike of enegry after 10 minutes after waking up, this spike of energy has been steady now after 6 hours since I woke up, no jittery or shakes of hands or fingers, I feel a sence of well feeling throughout till now, lets see how far this sence will last with the spike of energy..
I will keep everyone posted by night time..
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energy is steady with a pep no jittery steady pep throught the day with mental focus, I'm showing more vascularity,
I woke up better spleep I mean deep sleep a spike of energy and steady, more mental focus less anxiety and stress, my Injured back no pain as if nothing ever happend, today will be my 6th day and already seen progress with sermorelin, I'm over a week now without taking my trt test cyp 200 mg a week and still show no sings of hypergonadol my libido is through the roof, but I won't suggest anyone to drop their trt Just cause I'm doing well, remember hgh or peptides will aid but trt is needed to control the sintoms of hypergonadism.. so please don't fallow my experiment,
at the end of my Investigation to see how well sermorelin will react in replacing my trt, I know it will not be enough to control my diagnosis, I will after the trial time frame add again my trt..
sermorelin or hgh and peptides are not going to fully control hypergonadol but will aid to better feeling of a diagnosis of hypergonaidsm..
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I have been on for 10 day's now and sermorelin is living up to it's name with much respect this is awesome peptide same as hgh..
deep sleep.
pep and sense of feeling good without jitters.
treats injuries were no pain at all.
vascularity pronounced rapidly.
mental focus.
high libido..
this is my 13th night pinning 20 iu's of sermorelin by bedtime, I'm more focused with better sharper memorie, libido through the roof, energy through the roof no jitter with a sense well feeling, I haven't pin my prescribed test c over 2 weeks now and still feel like I did, I wake up in the morning with a wood like effect...
my face skin looks healthier, the sun damage dark circle mark around my left temple almost gone, not one cream prescribed by my dermatologist doc ever worked, the last thing I was going to do was a facial acid wash worth $300 to clear out imperfection marks done by the harmful sun rays..sermorelin has almost erased it..