Need help with measuring hgh


Hi guys. I***8217;m new to hgh kinda. I have measuring problem. Here***8217;s my issues.
I have 10 vilas of hgh with a total of 160ius. So each vial contains 16 ius. Now how much BA do I put into the vial and how do I measure it on insulin needle.
I plan on injecting 4ius a day
You can keep it simple and go 1.6ml's water. Each 0.1ml is an IU then.

In a practical sense I'd put in 1.7 ml's, because you never can quite get back out what you put in.
did you achieve your endgame? gains where good for you or did you fail in reaching your cycle goals?
So far my cycle going good hard to tell if my blue top hgh is working but I am getting bigger lean size. Not much happening for a lot of fat loss