muscle milk; crap or not?


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muroman said:
Hey has anyone tried this stuff. I have used about 3 2lb bottles so far. the stuff tastes great. Its more like a low carb MRP mix than a straight protein mix. I have noticed that this stuff has dropped drastically in price lately at the local sup shops. Has this stuff been found out to be crap or something? I wouldnt doubt it, it tastes to good to be for real. I think its made by cyctomax. Somebody let me know if this stuff is just smoothie mix.

I love the stuff, it does have a lot of carbs, and sugar, its really an MRP though. If you need straight Protien use their EvoPro.


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Been using this stuff for over a year, It is excellent and if you check the grams of protien per serving size you will find it is one of the highest. And it tastes amazing. I hve now switched to EVOPRO which is esentially the same except it has lower carbs. Still tastes amazing.
but when I am on a cycle I just buy the biggest jug of protien that hase the best grams per serving. That stuff is too expensive up here to be chewing 200 g a day