My boy gets on the Radio to debat about AAS usage...


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From my boy Hydrajack over at

Hey, I got on the radio here Monday about steroids!!!

Ok so they were all over this steroid deal Monday morning with MLB and the likes...maily because here in St. Louis McGuire is still a god and now they are calling him out...and I was driving to Nashville bored as hell so I puleed into a gas station and called KFNS a local sports station. I told the screener I was a bodybuilder and wanted to 'educate" these guys a bit. I got on right away ...I am paraphrasing but it went something like this....

Hello, Jake? yeah your on fans 590 what's up?

Hey guys...well, I'll tell you what's up. I am a bodybuilder...have been for many years. I take steroids and I wanted to clear up some...........

WHOO WHAT?? You put that stuff in your body?? Why?

Guys, will you let me finish?

Yes...sorry Jake, go on

Thank you...what I see is either lack of media intelligence on steroids or just out and out idiocy on the part of million dollar ball players. What they say they used, how they used it...either the media is getting incorrect info or these guys are taking this stuff without the proper precaution...

Jake what do you mean??? Precautions?? This stuff is killing teenagers and is running rampant thru high schools..

Really, then can I ask a question?

Sure go ahead.

If this is about high school abuse, why are we subpoenaing 45 year old washed up baseball players? In the ONE sport where there is little need for physical size to be successful...Insert A-Rod, Irichio, and the likes...what are we trying to accomplish?

Jake, I am just trying to get inside your head. Why do you do this

Look I try and get inside of someone's head when I see them light up a cigarette, or eat 3-4 doughnuts or drink 10 beers...I don't judge and I called here not for an attitude adjustment but to help you guys a little. Please answer my question about the high school deal.

You take a drug that makes your hair fall out and your testicles shrink and make you steral...don't you see a problem

Let's get back to my question...then I'll address your misconceptions..

Well they are trying to educated children on steroids.

Then you need people like me that know what's what...ever hear of ancillaries? Ever hear for HCG? ever hear of 17 AA steroids? What are those?

I have no idea and I don't care.

Well, you should care as these are all educational pieces to the puzzle that kids as well as adults need to know.

I have all my hair and i do not suffer from testicular atrophy...some do I don't and they do NOT make you sterile. Ask Lee Haney when he fathered one of his children during training and heavy gear usage for the Mr. Olympia. Ask any Dr. Your natural test levels are shut down, but it's STILL a natural substance you are injecting. You still have testosterone running thru your body. I get bloodwork done on a regular basis and my Dr. is fully aware of what i do...there are risks involved but you try and minimize them

Ok, then you must be a genetic marvel because everyone suffers from "what ball shrinkage??" who takes steroids. What side effects do you suffer?

No they don't all suffer from it and if you want to me to prove it meet me at my gym and I'll drop my shorts for you! (chuckles)

As for Side effects? Let's see, increased lean muscle mass, increased appetite, better sleep patterns, increased strength and endurance, vascualrity, oh, and I have to buy new clothes now and then and baet the hot gals off me now and then...

"chuckle". No I mean negative side effects

Serioulsy...and I mean this...sometimes a little night sweats but that's about it really.

Come honest.

Why would I lie to you? You think I am promoting the use of AAS? I am not, just trying to let you know there is another side to this. It's up to you how long you want to listen to me.

As for "ball shrinkage" Not everyone suffers from that....and let me ask you the case of Anavar HGH and insulin...three VERY potent muscle building agents...Anavar is a steroid HGH is a hormone and insulin is probably THE most potent agent you can take for sheer size....neither of these 3 shut down your test levels. Running these, your test levels stay the no, they do NOT cause "as you call it ball shrinkage" . Another thing...there is no such thing as rage associated with steroids. I challenge you are any of your listeners to prove me wrong.

Well, I think you have issues and I don't think you really know what you are talking about because the people I have talked to say the opposite and these things are bad and need to be banned.

That's your problem...who are you talikng to? Gym rats? Ball players? Trainers? Not sure if you are looking in the right direction there.
Hey guys, currently 26 countries...I think that's close.... including Canada and Mexico classify steroids as a legal substance. So that's about 4000 miles of border you have to cover. How you gonna stop it? And why is it legal in those countries?...before you answer...which you can't let me ask you this. When is the last time you heard of someone dying from steroids. Where a medical examiner said..cause of death steroids? And i am not talking about the kid who killed himself. I equate that with the kid who killed himself because Ozzy Ozborne or some metal group's song made him do that.

Lyle Alzato died of a brain tumor and said he thought it was from steroids.

Yeah well, when did he get his medical degree? Better yet, are you aware that his mother and his grandmother both died of brain tumors? Ever hear of genetics? Check the records and see what the autopsy said. I bet it DIDN'T say tumor cause by steroids.

God bless ya jake i know you think what you are doing is ok and you are doing what you want....

Look guys, I am not here to condone the use. As a matter of fact, bodybuilding is a self serving thankless hobby. I would not wish it on anyone.
I just want you to know there is a world out there where this stuff is so easily available to anyone with half a brain and you only need a 3 digit IQ to cover your trail and never get caught. To purchase this stuff from a "trainer" when there are things you can do that will keep you from ever being associated withy the purchase...easy things, I just find it hard to swallow that myself, along with a host of other people in this "game" are so much ahead of all you guys including million dollar ball players... Listen, I can get on the net...and in 5 minutes have access to anything...and in a week have everything in my hands without a trace back to me and let's leave it at that.

Jake, it's been a pleasure, i do not agree with what you are doing but we would love to have you in our studio and answer questions. Would you be up for that?

Well guys, based on the issue we are dealing can't do that, but listen, do me a favor.

What's that?

Stop using the term roids. that went out in the 80's. It's gear, products, or supplements...use those and you'll sound a little more educated to the "club" members. Take care guys... more question Jake...knowing what you you think McGwire, took steroids?

So now, after you pretty much bashed me for being as brutally honest with you as anyone ever has on your station you want to ask me a "professional" question? Just kidding guys...I can't answer that in all honesty. Every genetic make up is different. If we were all the same, I'd be Mr. Olympia. there are about 2 dozen world class bodybuilders...the best of the best. They have the genetic make up to do so. Just like McGwire has it to hit a fastball 500 feet. Do I see signs of AAs with Bonds. I don't think it's fair for me to make an assumption based on a visual observation because i know people who can acheive a lot of mass with just a good diet and regime...also, just so you know, steroids are about 20% of the whole picture. You do not take shots and put on 40 lbs of lean muscle mass in a few weeks. Sorry but it does not work that way. It takes years and years of training diet and dicipline to achive that kind of size.

Ok, so in your best they use...what was that term?


Yes, gear.

Like I said, I am not here to judge or speculate..that's for the media. I just wanted to give you some facts. I think the information you have is incorrect at best and I know several dozen guys that could sit down with you...including me and help you write a series of articles on our underground world and what the facts really are and put you on the map. Unfortunatly, you guys don't want that, you only want specualtion as that feeds the populas better in your mind...give 'em bits and pieces.

Take care guys...
We need more spokesmen like him. I can't believe the hyperbole and bullshit that is being fed to the public on this topic. Steroids kills kids, come on.
Thats awesome! If only somebody could get that message out all over rather than just to one radio station. But its a start. Great job.
Today in class we were talking about the whole steroids in congress thing and what a bunch of bullshit it is. Of course, when arguing with people, you can't touch the issue of the the kids who killed themselves 'because' of steroids, and I didn't want to tell anyone that I use. But the real issue is that pro athletes are so glorified these days, people will do anything to get there. I think as a society we should get our priorities in line. The kids didn't kill themselves because of the drugs, but they probably did kill themselves for the same reasons they took gear.
great posting bro. He represented us fairly well. I wish the radio guy would have given him more time.
I noticed he said that Anavar does not shut down your natural test levels.......that is quite a bit of a bad it's not true.
Props to him for putting up with that,just shows how ignorant people really are,those guys unfortunatly speak for all the ignorant people in this country.We're all screwed.
StoneColdNTO said:
I noticed he said that Anavar does not shut down your natural test levels.......that is quite a bit of a bad it's not true.

very true but at leasthe rpovideda fairly accurate description and gave those who care "things" to go look up and research..( i doubt they will lol)
blackbeard said:
very true but at leasthe rpovideda fairly accurate description and gave those who care "things" to go look up and research..( i doubt they will lol)

Oh yeah......I agree it was a good interview, I just wanted to point that out as well.
It was a good interview, but I think that he should still be honest on the subject like, THERE ARE SIDE EFFECTS and most people do get them, just cuz he doesnt doesnt mean it dont happen, then like SC said about the VAR it does shut down your HPTA. So now if someone were to go look it up and they see that he was lying then WHO looks like the DUMBASS. I give props to him and there need to be more people speaking out but let it be known that there are things that can go wrong , BUT if proper procautions are taken they CAN be MINIMIZED!
Whenever the outside world talks about steroids the first thing that comes out of their mouth is small balls. Damnt I hate that. Im on a gram of test a week and never had my balls shrink. If I was mark mguire I would deny it too so people didnt think I had small balls.
to bad more people dont have oppertunites to speak up and inform people about the truths and not the myths they believe from media
Listen, I can get on the net...and in 5 minutes have access to anything...and in a week have everything in my hands without a trace back to me and let's leave it at that.

I wish he didn't say that. Yes, many people know that the net is a great place to get gear, but we don't need to rub it in or advertise over the radio to make a point.

Popichulo made some great points that the caller neglected to talk about that could discredit him a bit. But its not like the radio hosts will actually take the time to research for the truth.