My Dbol + Omnadren cycle.


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Age 20
weight: 170lbs
body fat 10%

Done one cyle before with test e, tren e and deca d with low does.. 500test - 200tren - 300deca.
now its been 2 years and i havnt trained for months and gotten really small... was 40 pounds heavyer on my last ( first cycle)

My cycle now is:

Omnadren ( pharmacy) - 250mg EoD for 12-14weeks.
Dianabol 10mgs (British dragon) 50mg ED for 6weeks.

total: 750mg omnadren EW --week 1-12or(14)
50mg Dbol ED ---------week 1-6

starting 0.25-0.5 arimidex when i see some bloat...

Nolva 40/40/20/20 as post cycle therapy (pct).

first day today!

ill post my weight gains each week...and add a picture soon.

workout plan:

Workout A: chest, triceps, abs
Workout B: Back, biceps, neck
Workout C: Legs, shoulders, forearms

Finishing all workouts 2 times a week. so my working out everyday exept saturday/sunday...
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Ok its been 1 week since i started my cycle... the dbol is working GREAT. british dragon:) -

gone from 170lbs to 190lbs in just a week!

my strength gains has increased incredebly already!, gone from 176lbs 5x5 to 220lbs in bench press... ( ive had a break from training for a cupple of months before i started my cycle so i would prolyl gain a bit fast in the start anyways but not like this.. :) cant wait till omnadren kicks in together with dbol :D im adding som ghrp-6 too soon for appetite in morning and after training..

my workout today was awesome... bought ephedrine 50mg ampules from a pharmacy,, took 25mg ( drank it) and ive never ever felt more ready for working out or having that much energy... after training i was thinking of going down again and workout more cus i couldnt relax:p those ampules worked like 5 times better then oral tablets ephedrine:)