My Dbol/Test E/Clen cycle.


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I've been planning this cycle for awhile now, I'm starting it tomorrow and it is going to end directly on the 4th of July in Tahoe! Yeeeeeahhh baby! I've taken about 5 cycles in total, a couple great ones and a couple stupid ones where I didn't gain shit. Well you live and you learn! So here is my cycle and I want to hear your guys opinions. I was supposed to get some tren in the mail but the damn package got seized!!! So I'm going to work with the Clen I've already had! I new it would come in handy one day!

Weeks: Product: Amount:
1-5. Dbol 50mg ED
1. Test E 500 mg a week
2-9 ^ 750 mg a week
10. ^ 500 mg a week
11-12 ^ 250 mg a week
6-9 Ostarine 25 mg ED
1-5 Arimadex .25 mg EOD
6-10. ^. .50 mg EOD
11-12. ^. 1 mg EOD

6-7 Clen. 20/40/60/80/100mcg ED
build up and maintain
until day 14. When 14
days r up, 50 mg of Benodryl

10-11. ^. (same) ^

So weeks (1-5) I am keeping arimadex levels low because I don't want it interfering with my GAINZ and it should hold me over until the fifth week. High test dosage for maximum ability to gain muscle. I am eating clean but with bulky foods, brown rice, steaks, etc. Shooting for 5-6,000 calories a day. I'm going to be taking a serious mass shake every day, delicious!

And weeks (6-10) lowering arimadex levels to lower some water weight. High Test dosage to keep muscle loss at a minimum. I will be eating clean af during this time period! Lower calorie intake to around 1,500-2,000 calories with strict carb intake and a SHIT ton of clean proteins. Egg whites, fish, tuna. Etc. I will be out doing sprints 3 times a week to engage fast twitch muscles to keep muscle loss to a minimum.

And finally weeks (11-12) I'm raising arimadex levels to 1 mg EOD to get as dry as possible before Lake Tahoe on the 4th!
Keep sodium intake to almost nothing. Lowering test dosage to 250 mg a week to keep bloating at a minimum! Same exact cardio!

((((((((Here is where I need help!!!!!!)))))))))
I've had a bottle of Clen for the past 2 years. It's 200 mcg per ML!! I have no clue at all whatsoever how to measure this with a syringe and take it orally? Is there a mcg tool that measures ONLY Mcg's? Is 50 mcg .5 of a ml???? Just trying to make sure.

Please give me your guys opinions! I'm very confident in the entire cycle. Just the Clen part is sketching me out a tad. I will be keeping you informed every 2 weeks on cycle! Pictures etc.

Week 1. 245 IBS. Bench 340
(No idea on squat, haven't done it in awhile due to knee injury in college football)
why does it look like your TEST dosage starts from 500, goes upto 750 and then drops to 250? i may have read it wrong but if thats the case than id say keep the dosage same through out your cycle. (500mg is a good dosage)

don't plan your ai because you don't know how u will feel while on ur cycle, change the dosage as you go along during the cycle.

i think 1mg EOD is very high.

i did a clen cycle for 2 weeks , had to watch my diet- NO extra eating.
i lost about 1% bf, i thought i did something wrong but i started my dose at 30mcg and worked unto 100mcg and had the shakes, felt my temp raise. i heard its hard to dose liquid clen but I'm sure someone here can help u on that. good luck
couple of things

- your main question is about dosing your clen. Why? you have just put together a classic 'bulking' cycle, why are your running clen on a bulk cycle. what's your goal to bulk or cut ? If you are cutting, I'd not bother wasting time with the Dbol,, just run a test only cycle and it will be much cleaner and easier to manage sides.

- test E is a long ester,, there is no point in fluctuating the amount you take on different weeks; you say your lowering it to control 'bloat' , well control water and bloat by controlling your estrogen with an Ai and by your diet, NOT by being inconsistent with the amount of MG you inject per week

- your starting off with a lower dose of arimidex because you say you don't want it to interfere with your gains. YET this is the exact time your going to be running the most aromatizing compound, Dbol . your cycle starts off with Dbol and Test, this is when you need to be running the most AI, not the least (heck when I run dbol and test I have to run arimidex and letro cause the E spikes up so fast). AND then on top of it, you run the most AI at the end of the cycle when your not running Dbol or high test.
your logic here makes no sense.

- and then, in the last weeks when your testosterone is only at 250mg a week, your going to run 1mg a day of Arimidex . lol. with the goal of going to lake tahoe 'dry' .. good luck with that , your going to be going to lake tahoe with your E completely crashed, you will have no energy to do anything , feel like shit, and you won't be able to get a hard on (sounds like a great vacation).

you need to re-think all of this, imo
dbol and 750mg per week cycle.... what is this 1980? get ready to bloat

...and clen? ...why? where did you come up with that idea. this isnt anything close to a cutting or even a recomp cycle.

you wanna look dry and make gains? why don't you drop the bullshit dbol and try maybe test prop and NPP? you'll still be holding a very little bit of water from the NPP even if your estrogen is in check, but not nearly as much as fucking test e and dbol lol.

theres pretty much only 2 ways to look dry (given that you are decently lean) (well 3 if you count diuretics but you're only going to lake tahoe lol so forget that).
those 2 ways are; lower your test to a real TRT dose 125-150 (MAYBE 175mg a week), and add in non aromatizing compounds (tren, masteron, primo, anavar).
OR take a bunch of letro and run your estradiol into the floor which i highly, highly do not recommend.

sounds like you have no idea what you are doing and you should completely reconsider that canned cycle you got from god knows where. i wouldn't even consider a cycle like that for bulking and you wanna look dry with that?

seriously, do more research before you try making the highlight of your summer lake tahoe by taking steroids
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Okay so I'm going to run 500 mg of test a week with 50 mg of Dbal a day. 1/2 mg of arimadex every other day. My tren came in so fuck the Clen. Makes sense to keep test levels the exact same through. But what are your thoughts with the tren? It's tren A and I want to start on week 6-12. I'd say drop test to 250 mg a week and 500 mg of tren a week? I've done research and many people say way less sides and a lot more cutting with high doses of tren and low doses of test
I'd keep things simple if an anabolic and dry 'cut' is what your looking for. I wouldn't mess with Dbol, or Clen . just go tried and true
Test / Tren / Masteron