my diet, please critique


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I am 6ft, 170 lbs.


wake up- breakfast shake 740/42g/113g

Between class- sausage/egg/bread 415/20g/24g

Workout/then another shake 740/42g/113g

before work- 1/3 burger and pasta 873/32g/27g

break-bagel and PB 400/14g/53g

lunch break- chicken and pasta 730/27g/36g

after work/before bed ramen and tuna 630/18g/27g

calories intake varies between 3500-4000 a day., sometimes i add little things, or cant finish the meal(rarely)

but for consistancy, it equals roughly

3788 calories, 167g protein and 280 carbs

im trying to bulk. is that good? should i eat more? do i need to change my protien higher?
please critique
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I don't see enough fats or vegetables. I might up the protein for a guy your size also.

Even when bulking vegetables are good. A fruit or two each day also.

Start taking some fish oils, Udo's, nuts, nut butters, etc. More fats.

More protein also....I suggest high cal protein powders like muscle and mega milk.

What is Ramen?

Your diet isn't as healthy as it could be, but when bulking I wouldn't worry about being overly clean. Just make sure you are eating whole grains instead of white breads, lean meats, etc.

You should be able to gain mass with that amount of cals. Good luck to you! :)
damn ramen is horrible for you 1200 mg of sodium or more in each packet. put some oats in there instead of sausage which is bad for you. intake more unsaturated fats your too small
Are you bulking? If so you have to double the amount of protein you are taking. Carbs seem low as well, you should get in around 400.

I'm not sure how you got 3700 calories, I'm counting around 2000 from the number of grams you posted.
If you have trouble eating, this is what I do. There is no way in getting around eating your protein solid so I liquify anything else that I can. Have you ever tried to eat 1 cup of cooked oatmeal? It's a shitload.

Put 1cup of oat meal in a blender with milk and a banana for 1 carb meal. 60g of carbs, plus the milk. Eat your chicken/fish/steak before or after. I feel this drastically reduces the amount of "food" you have to eat, yet you still get the quality low-GI carb.

Also for breakfast:

12-16 Ounces of Milk or OJ
1 Cup of Oatmeal
4 Raw Eggs
2 scoops of protein powder
1 Banana or other fruit of your choice

Breakdown: Around 80g Protein, 100g Carbs. Now that's a meal. Cheaper and better than any gainer shake out there.
yea, i make my own shake, its simialr to yours

1 scoop protien
1 banana
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 yogurt
1 cup milk

x/y/z x=calories

nah man....count again..its 3700 calories.. actaully more, if i count my workout shake.

ill up the protien. ive been using 1 scoop in all my shakes. ill start taking 2-3 instead
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