My friends cutting cycle, is it safe, what advice should I give


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Ok so I had to get some advice on the cycle my fiend is doing I think its a lot but I could be wrong (I typically only do Test P/Winny/Masteron for cutting) So he 38 240lbs 18-20% BF and some of these numbers might be estimated since I'm not drawing for him. He is doing:

300-500mg Test C ew
300mg Masteron E ew
300mg Primo ew
75-120mg Winny ED
80-120mg Clen ED
(I think Arimedex 1mg eod)

I don't know something seems off on this to me what do you all think??
Huh? 1 mg of arimidex eod ??? 300 to 500 of test? Wheres the hug? What's his cycle history?
We need better data man.
And is way too high to do gear
Like I said alot of this is estimated. He is an intermediate/advanced user, I dont know what "hug" is. Im just worried this isnt really safe but idk Im fishing for advice to give him
After talking to him more he is taking Arimidex as needed (which he says is not often at all), Test is at 500mg
This cycle is similar for prepping for a show or cutting cycle?
If he isn't prepping for a show he can get rid of Masteron E because his body fat is too high. Masteron is good stuff made my muscles rock hard all the time. Which is it's main benefit. Made my hair fall out lol.
First, I'd highly suggest he get his BF% down to 15% or less before starting a cycle. Gear can exacerbate issues in people with too much BF. Is he just trying to "cheat" to lose all that weight? He needs to understand how to diet clean and work hard. Gear is only going to work if he puts in the work.

Now, as far as his cycle is concerned, here's my OPINION:

1) 500mg Test C holds a lot of water weight (it did for me) and at his BF% he may end up looking like those guys out of Westside Barbell (no hate to their work ethic),
2) Masteron is pointless if you're not already lean. That compound is a hardener, used several weeks out from stepping on stage,
3) Primo is used primarily to preserve muscle mass in a severe caloric deficit (like prepping for a show), it's not a cutter and definitely not a strength gainer,
4) For as long as I can remember, I've never gone over 50mg of Winstrol ED, it's hard on the liver and with someone with his BF% I'd highly recommend AGAINST it,
5) 40mcg of Clen could be a great fat burner and this is, so far, the only compound I'd keep in this stack,
6) I'd opt for Aromasin (Exemestane) since when it binds to the estrogen molecule it disables it permanently. With Arimidex, it's a temporary estrogen binder which means after a certain amount of time it will re-release that same estrogen molecule back into the bloodstream. The whole point is to crush excess estro being created by testosterone aromatization.

Once his BF% is down below 15%, I'd go for a 12-16 weeks "cutting" cycle that looks something like this:

1) 400mg Test E per week (holds a bit less water than Cyp)
2) 200mg Tren E per week (less goes a long way while minimizing it's side effects)
3) 500mg EQ per week (to preserve + gain quality lean muscle with low side effects)
4) 40mcg Clen (great to take before fasted morning cardio for expedited fat loss)
5) 25mg Aromasin daily or EOD (depending on your blood work)

Going off #5 above, I'd also highly recommend he gets his blood work done every month to monitor lipids, liver, estro, hematocrit levels, etc. It's MISSION CRITICAL that he does this. I cannot stress this enough.
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Interesting advice here.

In the initial proposal with 240 lbs 18-20% body fat I agree the masteron and primo would be useless. And the winny was way too much dosage and perhaps misunderstood as far as effects. Just looking in big picture kind of terms - it was proposed to use 1.8g of steroids per week, plus clen, plus an undetermined amount of adex. That's really quite a lot, and an advanced and overly complicated plan. He might be better off doing simple 500 test cycles and getting that body fat down, and also zeroing in on estrogen control. As far as the estrogen of all those 1.8g per week drugs only the 500 test would aromatize, so the typical 0.5mg adex EOD should be good.

The proposal above is for 1.1g per week steroids, moving in the right direction of lower doses - but tren is a beast. So lower doses, but a more powerful compound introduced. This combo sounds quite effective. The aromatizing load would be slightly higher with 400 test and boldenone is said to aromatize half of testosterone, so the 500 mg would be equivalent to another 250 mg test - total 650 mg per week aromatizing load. A bit higher than the 500 of the first proposal, and also now that tren is in the mix more important to keep that estrogen under control. The 25 mg/day asin sounds just a bit too high, but your buddy won't know until he see's how he reacts and gets bloodwork.