My Lab Results: Very low E2 (no AI) + other issues. Help me analyze.


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Hi guys,

I decided to start some Clomid treatment for my symptoms (see symptoms below). I have read many good stories about Clomid treatment and some well known doctors are convinced about this protocol. My plan was to use the MWF 12.5mg protocol. However, I did not start yet. Before I start I wanted to get my blood work done. After getting the results I am not happy and would like to have some clarification first before I decide to start with Clomid or not. I may consider going to an endocrinologist as well, depending on my findings and what you guys can tell/suggest me.

1. Blood Work Results
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For my issues/questions we need to consider the latest results (Test 3, 26.02.). The past results can be seen somehow as a reference. With those older results I felt relatively normal.

  • I am on no medications, no juice, etc.
  • HDL/LDL profile may be little bit inaccurate because I had a meal about 2 hours before blood work.
2. Blood Work Concerns
  • Very low E2!!!
  • High SHBG vs. previous results
  • Lower Testo vs. previous results
  • Higher LH (LH-FSH Ratio) vs. previous results
3. Symptoms
Prior to Test 2 I felt relatively normal. I noticed these symptoms since around July 2017. But the last 4-5 weeks getting worse:
  • Absolutely zero gains in gym. I was never an easy-gainer in gym, but since around last July it is almost impossible for me to gain some muscles)
  • Not much energy in gym.
  • Often tired. I also sleep more and longer than before.
  • Not so much of vital energy.
  • Self confidence definitely not at its peak.
  • Libido: Much less than in the past. Still here, sometimes good, sometime gone.
  • Erection: Not strong as in the past. Morning wood mostly yes, but not strong.
  • Testicles and penis “lost some volume”. Don’t have anymore that juicy feeling in my pants. Hope you guys know what I mean.
4. Nutrition/Behavior Changes I’ve had from Test 2 to Test 3
  • Some very hard times mentally the last couple months coz of GF & job. Things should get better now.
  • Started to eat every morning 150-200g cereal/oatmeal. Before I left out breakfast and had a whey protein shake instead.
  • Cold pressed coconut oil around 15-25g a day. Together with oatmeal and always put in coffee.
  • Eat less protein than before. But still around 1-1.5g/kg a day.
  • Since about 1 month I started to eat dried barberries around 20g/day together with my breakfast.
These are the only changes I can think of from test 2 to test 3.

Regarding the barberries. I found some interesting article that berberine (active agent in barberries) can have an impact on estrogen: berberine might disturb sex-hormone synthesis pathway; consequently possibly resulted in modification of estrogen or testosterone synthesis (full article see here:

5. Measures since last blood test
  • I stopped eating barberries
  • I stopped eating coconut oil. Instead I eat few gel capsules of Omega 3 and CLA.
Its 5 days since I stopped with barberries and coconut oil. I feel little overall improvement already. This may be just a placebo effect. I am considering an additional blood work in 1-2 weeks.

6. On juice between Test 1 and Test 2
Not sure if this has an impact on my current situation but I thought it would be good to mention this: Between blood work test 1 and test 2 I was on Test E. This was not prescribed by a doctor. The reason I chose to go on Test was my hopes to get some better gains in gym. As I mention earlier, I was always little bit a hard-gainer in gym, so I wanted to give it a push (note: right now it is almost impossible for me to make gains in the gym. Prior to my current situation I made some good muscles but needed to work hard for it).
I started with 100mg every 3.5d. My test went through the roof. My libido was dead. My erections non-existent. I used AI. Situation improved little bit but found it difficult to find a balance. I lowered Test E to 70mg every 3.5d. My test was still way over 1300 and I couldn’t figure a way to solve my libido and erection problems. After 4 months I stopped this experiment and went off with a proper PCT started with HCG and then took Clomid for about 6 weeks. 3-4 months later everything was normal as before. The blood test 2 is about 3 months after my PCT.
Never say never, but right now I am not considering to go on Test ever again, whether it’s for a cycle or HRT. That is why I am looking alternatively into Clomid instead.

7. Questions to you
  1. Any conclusion/thoughts from you on my abnormal blood work (Low E2, High SHBG, Low Testo, Higher LH, or any other)?
  2. Do you think dried barberries/berberine had an impact on my low E2?
  3. Do you think it is a good idea to start with Clomid?
  4. Or do you think I first should make sure E2 and the others are back in a more normal range? Or could Clomid even help them to get back to normal (except LH & FSH)?