name of pct

Do you mean like Swale's pct, Pheedno's pct, Anthony Roberts' pct?

Do you mean compounds used?

Help us out a little here.
sorry for my poor english and unclear question.i want to name of all componds which i can use in post cycle therapy (pct) as nlova and clomid i need more name like these.
thank you
tamoxifen (nolvadex)
anastrozole (arimidex/l-dex)
clomifen citrate (clomid)
exemestane (aromasin)

then you have a host of other herbs and natural products that can be used. You also have some new products coming out by the research companies which can also be used during pct. I haven't used them, so I'm not discussing it here.
if iam using a cycle i donot feel anythink odd, so iam not using any post cycle therapy (pct) during cycle. is this wrong ?