need help with cutting....


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I'm 5'11 215lbs 20ish% BF and i wanna get down to 11ish%BF. I was going to do goliath jr's diet that he has posted over at Fitnessgeared. Do you guys have any other ideas on what i should do for a diet?
so when do u wanna drop the BF?
Of course u need a clean diet but also cardio will help out alot.
30 min of low intensity cardio first thing in the morning will burn alot of fat.
I don;t know anything about the goliath jr's diet can u post a little about it?
meal 1-12 egg whites 2 slices of turkey bacon
meal 2-shake w/45grams pro. 10 grams flax oil
meal 3- 10 oz chicken breast with broccoli
meal 4-same as 2
meal 5-pre workout-an apple
meal 6-shake w/50 grams pro and 75 grams of dextrose
meal 7-10 oz chicken breast and 50 grams carbs from brown rice or oat bran.
and i wanna drop the BF ASAP :).

i'm on an enan/EQ cycle right now and i'll be done with that in 2 weeks. Then i'm going to start my prop/tren/winny cycle.
i dont think you have enuff fat in there
i would drop the apple, fructose is poor at stroing glycogen in muscles, and i wouldnt eat those carbs late at night, replace 50g of carbs with 20g of good fats, say, 10 oz chicken and 2 tb rranch dressing(about 120 cals) and 2/3 TB of flax oil, on a large green salad