need help with my cutting cycle.


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Alright fellas this is my first post on this board and I want to see what your opinions are on my upcoming cycle and which diet I should be running.
W1-6 Prop 100mg EOD
W3-9 Tren 75mg EOD
W8-12 Winstrol (winny) 35mg ED
W12-14 Clomid
I am currently 6'2" at around 13% bodyfat. I am akickboxer and I am trying to lean up a bit and still try to put on some quality lean mass. This is my 3rd cycle. I am planning on running a 40-30-30 diet at this time, let me know what you all think thanks!
I would say pick up a little more and run everything together for 8 weeks. If not I would do it this way!

Week 1 to 6: 50mg prop ED
Week 1 to 6: 37.5mg of Fina ED
Week 2 to 6: 35mg Winstrol (winny) ED
Week 7 to 9: Clomid therpay!