need some help with diet and foods.


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Ok i will finally be back dieting and working out monday after about a year off.

i dont really count calories but do utilized carbs and fats in my diet.
i usuallay run a Protein/carb protien/fat meal diet.

so first meal would be
10egg whites/oatmeal/protien shake
then 3 hrs later a
protein/fat meal (usually a shake and flaxseed oil)
then repeated through out the day (meal ratio not foods)

im looking for other good combos that i can use on a protien fat meal also good snaks that don't have to be kept cold. Im always on the move at work and i never know my schedule i may be in a meeting or on the road.

i will be working on lean mass right now so im not going crazy trying to shred or anything like that just get enough good food to try and stay lean and build quality muscle's kinda hard to have cold meat. I really can't think of anything but Tuna for cold protein, but if your at work it might make you stink all day. If you don't care then it's perfect, but i dunno a way to eat cold steak/chicken.
Cant do Tuna i can eat it stuff is nasty!!! i have some venison Jerky. I mean normally im at my one site of work i have a fridge and a microwave there so i can take food with me and leave it there. but somethimes during the day i may have to go somewhere else....i guess just a shake with water is the best choice.

what are some good foods i can use for fats on my P/F meal....almonds what else?
I have no problem eating cold chicken or cold turkey. I can eat raw eggs too. You just have to get used to it. Eating such a bland diet after a can get used to anything.