Never walk up a hill while on fina


pro powerlifter
Jesus Christ is all I have to say. Back pump out the wazoo. Took me 25 minutes to walk up a 7 minute hill, since I had to keep stopping to lean against trees. Then, I walked up backwards for a while, until my calves and quads were so engorged with blood that I had to sit down. The neighborhood kids kept looking at me funny. Grrrr.
I've been on dbol for months. I only recently added the tren. I really don't get much of a pump from dbol, compared to tren.
Damn bro I know the feeling. Last year about this time I went to visit some friends that lived on the campus at the Univ of Arkansas, the hills there are a total bitch. Anyway, I was on a gram of Test and dboll. The pumps in my calves were so bad I remember thinking how the fuck am I going to make it up this hill. I literally had to stop and sit down for a minute then continue up the hill.
Been on tren for 8 weeks. No pump but the "out of breath" thing I can relate. Ride my bike to the gym for cardio and thought about getting one of those "I've fallen off my bike and can't get up" monitor.