New Diet (IF 16/8) want people’s advice

Hi Guys, I wanted to get everyone’s advice on my new diet. I’ve been trying intermittent fasting for a while now and love the lifestyle so I’m gonna do it full time . This is my new diet, what does everyone think?

All training is done fasted, so Shake is first meal of the day. Aminos prior to training. Carb cycling while training.

Stats - 37, 6”2, 85kg, prob %15-20 BF

Training Days - 2500 Cals, 315c, 180p, 45f

1300 - Shake, Dextrose, 2 x Milk, Apple
1400 - 200g Chicken, 150g Brown Rice
1800 - 200g Chicken, 150g Brown Rice
2100 - 2 x PB tablespoon

Non Training Days - 1800 Cals, 47c, 190p, 105f

1300 - 200g Chicken, 4 x Eggs
1500 - Apple
1800 - 200g Chicken, 2 x Cashews
2100 - 4 x PB tablespoon

Train mma twice a week - 60 min sessions

home body weight workouts twice a week - push ups/squats/chins/box bag/run - 40 min workout.

Look ok?


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Interval fasting is not suitable for everyone, some people have their own diet and need to eat at certain hours. If you have no contraindications, then you can try this option. It didn't work for me, the weight didn't go off because I wasn't eating on a calorie deficit.