new jintropin HGH -- all legit??

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Just trying to get some more info about the jintropin kits that are around these days. I know that most people in the past have had great results from GenSci HGH but there has been some skepticism lately about whether some of the jintropin in circulation is legit. I'm mainly referring to the new green-cap vials with English labels, in kits of 5 or 10 10IU vials, that people have been getting great deals on. Any additional info would be great -- especially from the experts like Ret and Vovan.
Bump for some info , also are chances of getting siezed by customs increased with SARS ? Or even worst contracting it .
ItalianSta said:
Bump for some info , also are chances of getting siezed by customs increased with SARS ? Or even worst contracting it .
I didn't even think about that. Shit, I don't know what to be afraid of these days, the Iraqi with the shoe bomb or the old Asian guy coughing up a storm. As for the jinitropins, Ret mentioned something about them on another thread, something about how he would stay away from them.
This is from the thread rollercoaster was talking about.

Vovan said:
OK bro. Jintropin comes in vials with yellow tops now. The latest batch with green tops and those paper labels Ret talking about was 20020515 (thats mean it was produced almost 1 year ago). I didn't see green tops since last fall. And after I got a couple of messages about their Jin not working I started to think either about fake stuff or simply bad product (stored with wrong conditions so hormone was ruined). Jintropin is the best HGH from China in fact so I can clearly see the reason why it is so popular.
Thanks StoneCold -- I saw that post the other day, I was just looking for some more feedback from anyone with more info. Bump for anyone with recent green-tops, positive or negative results, etc. The boxes and vials look very good, so if they aren't legit then someone spent A LOT of time and effort making them look like it. I know that accessibility to cheap, legit Jintropin directly from GenSci would not be a problem for those in China, so it would seem odd to go through so much effort to counterfeit.
I know there's atleast 2 Bros who are using or have used it, maybe they'll chime in.

I have emailed Jintropin to ask them..lets see if they will get back to me....

Hey the Jintropin from China is readily accessable is china. GenSci does not sell directly to US customers. They are affraid of legal issues and import issues. When you buy from GenSci they use a shipping agent which is like a distributor in the US. GenSci does this because they do not have an import lic. to the US. It is regulated by the Chinese government. It is possible for the distributor to counterfiet the HGH, but this is unlikely. HGH requires expensive equipment to manufacture.

Where you need to be careful is when you buy pills from china. Counterfieting with pills is widespread.

I have an office in China and have dealt with 3 (only three) HGH manufacturers in China. Because I travel back and forth from china to the US I often just carry my product on the airplane. I never get checked- I own a small pharmecutical company, so I guess customs just figures I will carry samples.