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BPC-157 is a peptide made up of 15 amino acids. It is a naturally occurring substance found in gastric juice of mammals. This peptide has some amazing properties. It increases the production of collagen and in addition causes the formation of new blood vessels. By combining these 2 effects it has been discovered that BPC-157 has a profound effect on healing, especially when it comes to ligament, tendon, and muscle type injuries.

Quite often a deterring factor in the healing of these types of injuries is lack of blood flow to the area. By forming new blood vessels BPC-157 actually increases blood flow which promotes healing. That, however, is only half of the equation. In addition BPC increases the production of collagen which is required to heal these types of injuries as well.

BPC-157 is an amazing peptide for use in your research. It will promote accelerated healing and recovery in your research subjects. BPC-157 combined with TB500 may offer an excellent combination when it comes to experimenting with accelerated healing effects in your research.

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