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Intro: First of all my english is not the best.. it might be a long read but.. if u read smthing that makes 0 sence.. try to have some patient and look the other way :), I expect heavy criticism, I want to learn, I need your opinions, I have great respect for all of the knowledge you've gained over the years so newbies like me don't need to cope with some harsh realities of useing AAS. With that in mind.. let's begin.

If you want to skip reading on me and go straight to the AAS discussion start at - The steroid dilema:

About me:

I've ready every article in the newbie, classics + around 100 other on this forum + some articles, studies and such on some others. I've never used AAS, I'm 25 year old and consider myself as an average person, weight around: 85kg, height:183cm bodytype: mix of mesomorph/endomorph (like u know urs :p), body fat: honestly.. I don't know, I have more around my waste then my other parts so I'd have to say around 15% maybe more, I've lost a lot in recent months with proper nutrition and training.

Training mentality/goals:
Gaining lean mass while gradually loseing fat with strength training + some low intensity cardio (burs fat effectively while avoiding high intensity high muscle loss scenarios, works for me)

Eating / Training:
I've been on/off training for a couple of years now, but these 6months have been special I've introduced some heavy changes in my eating regiment and training habbits (mix of 5x5 strenght training and short pauses between my sets + adaptation of new exercises for a specific muscle group every few weeks).
For a while now I've been reaping great results, working my ass off in the gym for at least 2hours 4-5 times a week. I might not be gaining as hard if I was heavy on carbs but surprisingly.. I'm still gaining by a small margin every week but I think it's stoping (I don't want to carb up because I don't want to get my waste »bigger« I'm very susceptible to gaining fat in that area). I'm more about aesthetics and trying to gain more of a low fat/athletic/ bulky look. I do low intensity cardio after my workout for around 20-30min (suplement with glutamine before I do the cardio to avoding »eating« my muscles)

For half a year I've been properly dieting to my best efforts, it's realy been working (people are not kidding when they say it's 80% what u eat) if interested it looks like this: (low carb, low to zero saturated fat/trans fat intake, low sugar intake, normal intake of unstaturated fats, vitamines and minerals (fiber + pills + drinks), high on protein intake)

Specifics + Supplements:
Diet: revolves around 500 calories per meal / 6 meals per day (sory guys no macros here :s)
(Protein intake all day round, higher doses right after my training + casein at night)

Morning: healthy fats, low carbs, vitamines, fiber, proteins sub: creatine, o-3, vitamins
Day: carbs, proteins, fiber sup: workout: amino acids, glutamine, whey
Night: Protein, fiber, casein sup: creatine, casein/whey mix and eating lots of fiber + sup of magnesium to avoid insomnia (noticed a heavy increase in my brian activity at night since I started eating healthy, for all u tuna lovers... avoid eating fish/fat's past 20:00 else ur brian activity goes crazy while u sleep, worked for me)

Carbs intake are from : morning: natural oats day: brown rice (0 bread, 0 pasta)
Sugar: Mostly coffee :) that's smthing I'm not willing to take out :)

The steroid dilema:
Like all people at the gym, I have the tendancy to be a child when it comes to gains (we want them fast and we want them now) and I know that doing only my regiment will take me a couple of years to get to where I want to be. While some may argue (with a good point that is) that I might not have reached my genetic peak or say smthing like stick to the natural path it will be better, I honestly don't know if I'm willing to wait that long to see myself succeed or fail (I have done it a couple of times but.. every time I come back I have more experience and more gains). I have no desire to be big or to look like arnold in his prime, I'm just looking for a a good intial boost (preferably one ORAL cycle, hear me out first, flame me later about that remark) so I can then maintain that physique with proper nutrition.

Steroid source/dilema:
Like all.. I found that one big guy in the gym that is willing to help me out with my dilema, but I honestly dont trust his intake methods or his current ways of doing things, he might look big now but I feel hes not doing it right. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when he said he doesn't use anything to protect his liver, since alcohol can do the same damage but he takes dbol I think without test and without anything to counter estrogen levels (AI's), I even doubt he has a proper PCT maybe clomid or smthing, so I'm willing to negate his long term experience with ur knowledge because I'm to paranoid about the side effects, chemical imbalances and HPTA shutdown/restoration to trust him with my body. Other then that he said he can get me what the »pros« are using.. that could be smthing resembling a christmas tree or actualy the real deal. With that in mind..

Me and my newbie views on AAS and their side effects:
I've read a lot on steroids and their side effects, but I'm lacking in the test. department, AI's, SERM, PCT and HPTA knowlede and maybe some strong points I should know and don't.
I don't want to jump into smthing I dont fully undestand and I'm not takeing anything before I do. While the guy in the gym said start reading on dbol(dianabol) it was the smartest thing he said. It led me to one steroid to a nother from class 1 steroids (like anavar »the girl steroid«) to higher levels such as dbol and test. itself and so on.. to estrogen and a lot of things really really important when cycling.

Me and my bright ideas (goals):
Like i said I'm very paranoid about se's like gyno and hair loss and others that can hurt my system. My only wish/idea is to take a mild AAS and eliminate some if not all the side effects, get some gains maybe 10kg (if it's realistic) and lose at least 10% body fat while having that one and only cycle in my life.. I don't care if I wont lift as heavy as I did or lose small amounts after. I just want to do it right and smart so I get my own test back.

When I first read about anavar(oxandrolone) I said to myself this is it! This is a low se steroid I can use with some AI's (or none if not needed since it's an oxa.?) I know it still shuts u down) and a good post cycle therapy (pct), but I've been reading a lot on it and I've come to a crossroad's where I don't know what's true and what's bs.

- a lot of them say don't use anavar and use test. only but there are se's..
- some say if u stack with anavar u won't know what's causing the sf's (I've read it's bad cuz u dont know where the side effects are coming from + not cost effective(high cost of anavar) + for lower then 15% body fat individuals)
- and then others say it's ok to use anavar only (but get flamed for not takeing test. with it)
- and others don't use anavar at all.. since it's just for cutting and u get 0 lean mass from it, but it does suppres the degradation of muscle tissue. (or any other drug that's similar since it's for girls :p)

So is oral test. the way to go?

The catch:
I'm afraid of the pin, the idea of long life injectable test. in my body and the side effects.. are realy smthing I'm afraid of.. while most of u will argue that an oral only cycle is bad but they have a shorther half-life.. I know it's gonna shut down my test. production either way but.. I realy realy don't want to pin.. so with all that in mind.. what is wise for a first and only cycle and is it possible to oraly take small doses of a particular test. and still get the same results? I'm looking for a boost in lean muscle gain (fat loss should occur while the need for oxygen and protein intake is great, right?), while keeping the side effects of the test. to 0/min while still maintaining a chemical balance in ur body and having a successful restortation of HPTA after PCT.

Current other questions in realation to my cycle and side effects:

- Which oral test. do u recommend for my goals and what kind of AI's and precautions should I take?

- Nolva or Nolvadex: I've read somwhere on the forum that it didn't suppress gyno it actualy made it worse for some people.. what are you're thought on that? While I read some PTC post's on the forum and have a rough Idea of what my PTC should look like, what should be used on a PTC besides smthing like clomid or nolva (if I use an oral test.)?

- Will AI's prevent hair loss issues, or should I also take smthing like Finastride or Dutastride which are 5-AR inhibitors (I've read that these compounds are very suppressive to endogenous testosterone and may increase the risk of getting gynecomastia)

- Should I change my diet while on AAS? How much?

- What should I read that is highly important?

There may be so many flaws in what I've wrote so please correct my way of thinking!

Thank you for all your answers and opinions!
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Start off with Test E or C at 500mg a week. Do 250 mg a week twice a week. And no not oral Test... Make sure your pct is lined up and that your diet is in check.
god damn thats too much to read to ask if you can use Orals only, and you say you read, then you know the answer. not going to say yes to that

and hell no could you gain 20 lbs and lose 10% bf on that alone.

and Anavar has no test in it so dont call it oral test, its not
god damn thats too much to read to ask if you can use Orals only, and you say you read, then you know the answer. not going to say yes to that

and hell no could you gain 20 lbs and lose 10% bf on that alone.

and Anavar has no test in it so dont call it oral test, its not

1. I'm not asking for the yes/no awnser I'm asking is it doable as an oral test. for once in a life cycle?
2. Ok ty for that anwser so 20lbs and 10% bf is unrealistic, what should be realistic in a 6-8 week cycle of test.?
3. I said that anavar is an Oxandrolone/DHT I didn't say it's a test., if I did then point the section where I did and I'll correct it.
Alinshop I'll get back to ur anwser when I read on E - C I'll be back in a couple of hours with further questions (what do u recommend on PCT and AI?) ty for ur reply!
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Any oral alone is a big no-no unless ur a female. Try a test only cycle for 10-12 weeks. Test with good nutrition an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) and good pct will get u the results u want.
it the time it took you too write this book of a post you could of just researched first cycle and got all your answers in 5 min
Any oral alone is a big no-no unless ur a female. Try a test only cycle for 10-12 weeks. Test with good nutrition an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) and good pct will get u the results u want.

Why is that a no-no I know it's somehow bad but why? I just hate having that much test. in my body for so long.. if the test. has a life spand of months doesn't that mean the test. would be stacking on itself with every dosage.. resulting in excess of test. at a certain stage and would make the body more susceptible to side effects? While oraly it can be controled? Please clarify. I want to know why.. are there more side effects, less results/cant hold on to results, more harmful to ur liver, system.. what exactly.. or can u redirect me to a certain post explaining why this is bad?

ty for the Aromatase inhibitor (AI) advice will write that down.
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it the time it took you too write this book of a post you could of just researched first cycle and got all your answers in 5 min

Some people like specifics with their questions and like specific anwsers, I'll research some first cycles and I'll keep on doing it but I doubt there are uncomon anwsers to questions like does nolva cause gyno?
Ok I've read .. I get it now why it sux oraly.. I'm going with the injection read up on DocJ, briliant explaining no need to anwser any of the above questions, I got it all from him the thread is "Masive newbie info" by DocJ great read, great stuf!