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Okay here is what I am thinking for my next cycle. Currently I am 220, 5'8, at 17-18% bf, probably be around 200 after I shed about 20 pounds of fat before beginning the cycle. This is my second cycle, the first was enanthate (400-500mg/week) and dbol(25mg/day).

Week 1-3 = 20mg dbol/day
Week 1-14 = 500mg test/week
Week 1-14 = 600mg eq/week
Nova on hand
Clomid post cycle

Now I am considering adding Winstrol (winny) or clen around week 12, to shred up a little more as somewhere around week 16-17 I should be competing in my first show, if I start the cycle at the beginning of June.

I thought about fina instead of eq, but frankly shooting everyday or every other day, just wont work for me.

Anyone have any thoughts they want to share? I am all ears.
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Looks good.....just one question though; in your first cycle you had D-bol @ 25 mg/ you have reduced it to 20mg/day, any particular reason ??
How much did you gain off of your first cycle? I am planning on running the same thing soon.
2 reason really.

1 - at 25mg/day I started feeling bloated.
2 - I have enough on hand right now to do 20mgs/day for 3 weeks, so I wouldn't have to buy more.
On my first cycle I put on about 30 pounds all together including some fat. I went from 154 pounds of lean weight, to 178 lean weight, from 190 @ 19%bf to 220 @ 19%bf. So far I think I have kept pretty much all my lean, couple weeks will tell me for sure when I get hooked up on the body comp machine again. Been finished clomid post cycle for over a month now.
I would try the fina bro, won;t be disappointed. But I didn't feel the EQ too much but it did give me hunger pains like no other.
Well fuck...
I just had a body comp done today, and by the damn machine it says I went up in fat and lost 15 pounds of fucking water...
I'm about ready to give up on this whole cutting diet.
I eat clean and my friggin fat goes up... What's up with that?
Hell I am not even eating anywhere near the calories I was eating when bulking... I think the machine is screwed, maybe the damn thing only works for women...
Damn it I look better in the mirror, and bigger to boot. My strength has continues to go up, how could I have gained 4 pounds of fat in the past two months....
Sorry just need to vent my frustrations....