Nolvadex? Or Arimidex? For a Test/Dbol Cycle???

Texas Ranger

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Guys, I plan on running a typical Test/Dbol cycle 500mgs of Test Enanthate for 8 weeks and Dbol at 30mgs a day for the first 5 weeks. Do you think Nolvadex at 20mgs ED or EOD throughout will be sufficient to combat gyno and keep the water retention down? Or should I get some Arimidex?? What's your opinion???
I'd definitely be running some Arimidex throughout but make damn sure you have enough Nolvadex to run it in case anything happens.

What is your past cycle history?
Im running l-dex at .5mg EOD right now and will increase as needed but I always have Nolvadex on hand just incase
Nolvadex won't do anything for the bloat, so as the others have suggested I would also recommend you use arimidex throughout and have nolvadex on hand in case of possible flare ups...