now that i think back to my previous cycle...


lil g

now that i think back....i just remember about a post i was gunna ask...... how come it was so hard for my to aspirate the syringe? it took alot of pressure to pull back...why is that??
because the fluid in your muscle is too thick to be drawn into the syringe.. i jsut found out today myself that the airbubbles are from the dissolved air in the oil being freed from the vaccum created.
so lemme get this straight then......if ur in a vein and u barely pull back.....blood will come in correct without too much force pulling the plunger back.....because man when i was aspirating ... i used to pull back the plunger until i saw an airbubble and that took a while
my guess is bloods thinner, theres not realy much liquid in the muscle and its the fibers that prolly jam the needle, but if your in a vein theres a constant flow of blood to be drawn in.