ok my cycle started yesterday


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ok this is it
sust 1@2 1000mg frontloading
sust 3-10 500mg
eq 1-10 250mg
clen and clomid
220 right now hoping to gain about 20 pounds or so
dont know what to exspect never done sust before kinda exsited dont know what to exspect from the clen will keep you posted if i dont end up killing myself first lol ...thanks
I would not frontload that much (maybe 750mg would be enough...).
EQ 250mg seems a little poor dose to me since you're over 200 pds.
Anyway you can expect nice gains, expecially from week 4 or 5 when eq kicks in.
How are you gonna use clen?
Your EQ dose is too low.....most guys need at least 400 mg/week to get any results from it.

What does your cycle history look like ??