Ok...Now this is really really frightening....


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I have never ever, in the hundreds of shots that I've done, experienced something like this. This is the absolute strangest thing I've ever heard of or seen, and never seen it posted on here. I always rotate shots, between my quads, and my glutes. So everything gets about a week and a half before its stuck again. Well I stuck my left quad with 1ml of test on Sunday. A few minutes ago as I was getting up and rubbing my legs, I heard this weird, kinda, ...I dunno....liquidy sound. So I kept running my hand down my left quad, and I kept hearing the sound. It sounded kinda squishy, or like the sound of someone ringing out a sponge. So I put my hand on my left quad, applied some pressure and just pushed rapidly a few times, kinda tapped on it. And it make that repeated sound. I've never heard about this before. Ever. In the whole time I've been in the gear scene I've never even heard of this. My other quad doesnt do this. Now here's the deal. It doesnt hurt, no redness, nothing swollen. No signs at all of an infection or anything like that. It just makes the sound. :( I'm not above going to the doctor at all. Thats what I hate to see here the most, guys having major problems and then refusing to see a doctor about it. If I'm having a problem, I'm going to see someone and thats that. However this time I'm not so sure. Insurance isnt so great right now so it would cost me, and I'm kinda tight with funds this time of year. It doesnt appear there is anything wrong at all. Just the sound. Any help from anyone?
Very weird. but sometimes when I hit my belly it makes stange sounds. And sometimes i can feel my hearthbeat in my ear. The body works in the stranges way.
keep a special eye on it and if anything changes (redness or pain) than I would check with a doc, the body is mostly mase up of fluids so odd liquid sounds isnt anything to be concerned about but if its an all of a sudden new sound its worth keeping an eye on
That is a new one, keep us posted if you figure out what it is. Are you sure you didnt accidently shoot synthol:D
hey EW, stick a needle in it and draw out some fluid. if it's your gear you just found a sweet spot to hide it from the popo. maybe its in some hind of spot where it can't get out? if your wallet gets empty you could reuse it in a different spot. :)
I'm going to keep an eye on it. I'm also going apply some heat to it via heating pad later on today. There is no pain, no tenderness, no nothing. I hadn't noticed it until today, and I took the shot on sunday. There is no difference at all, just that sound.
Bro, if you can't go see a doc, I would probably apply some heat and keep massaging the area. If you notice any negative changes, I would go see a doc. You don't want to get a bad infection or something like that. Good luck!
as long as there is no swelling or bruising, then you should be okay, that is the weirdest thing I've seen posted in a while though
Scar tissue comes to mind. Anyway, do you guys think that the shot I took on Sunday could possibly be wasted? Like somehow its not going to be absorbe based on whatever is going on? Eventually I think it will be absorbed into the muscle no matter what, even if I injected it into scar tissue, right?
Ok, update time. Leg went completely back to normal, no swelling, pain, nothing. So its been a week or so, and I've shot in both other glutes, and the other quad. So its time to stick this one again. No problem. Pain free. NOW, this morning, its freaking making that noise again when I wiggle it. I'm convinced its oil in my leg, however I think its just sitting there. I poke really deep in my quads, like inch and a quarter (1.5 pin but I don't put it all the way in) so this is a totlal mystery to me. I don't understand it at all. I'm beginning to think the shot is being wasted, which would really suck. Any opinions this time?
I think I'm going to just stay away from this leg for a long time. I think there is a buildup of scar tissue and its just letting everything sit there. If that were the case, the gear would still be absorbed and used right? It wouldnt be wasted?
Update rolling in. :sigh: No sound at all. This morning I woke up and there was not a thing, nadda, no sound when I rubbed on it, nothing. I'm really confused, but I know for sure I'm staying away from this quad for a month or so. Delts here I come. I appreciate all the replies fellahs. Thanks for your time.