Ok, so now I DO NOT speak to my "guy"

Chicago Made

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He was supposed to help me through this whole cycle and now he's gone. More like I stopped fucking with this cat.

Now how do I come off my 1st cycle of Test? I have 10cc's (Eth) left, on week 6-7, 600mg/wk.

When should I start lowering the dosage per week? Or do I even need to, just proper PCT.

Now I'm really fucked! When I want to start my 2nd I have NOTHING. He/she was good at first, then he/she started to get shady, so I made the decision to not fuck with this cat anymore.

I'm so fucking frustrated right now... But I could most defintely use some advice. All and anything is appreciated.

you don't need to lower the dose at all.. just keep it at 600mg/week until all of your shots are done... 2 weeks after your last shot you're going to start your pct... post cycle therapy (pct) should consist of nolvadex or clomid or both...
using nolva it'll look like this... 2 weeks after your last injection you start a 4 week post cycle therapy (pct) program...
weeks 1-2 of post cycle therapy (pct) 40mg nolva every day
weeks 3-4 of post cycle therapy (pct) 20mg nolva every day

using clomid
weeks 1-2 of post cycle therapy (pct) 100mg clomid every day
weeks 3-4 of post cycle therapy (pct) 50mg clomid every day

and if you're using both you just combine those 2 together

hope this helped you bro
I would just like to ad that if you still feel "off" then continue the nolva at 10-20mg for a couple of weeks.
If you decide to add clomid to the pct, be sure to run the nolva alongside it in order to supress the estrogen related sides that often result from clomid. Clomid alone can cause you some serious rebound issues. I always run nolva along with it, and past it.

In fact, clomid screws me up so bad that I no longer use it. Some folks have no problem with it at all! Just got to find out for yourself. Just research it so you will know what to expect. Also, run the nolva with it to help with the rebound issues.

Crusher also mentioned something else I want to parrot....don't taper the dose. Just run it on out.

When you finish, wait 10-14 days after your last shot before taking your first dose of clomid. I would start the nolva one week ahead of the clomid though.