Opinion: Would you start a T cycle if your natural T level is high?


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Hello again,

Something really interesting happened, so I'd like to get your opinion.

Some time ago I started a badly planned cycle of T suspension and deca, which after posting the details in this forum I decided to cut short after 3 weeks. Details here: steroidology.com/forum/anabolic-steroid-forum/688001-help-newbie-mistake-need-damage-control.html.

I started PCT late, 4 weeks after the last deca shot, I am aware it should have been earlier but that was when I could get my hands on the stuff. I took clomid and Novaldex for 4 weeks, 50 and 20 mg respectively except for the first day front load of 200mg clomid and 40mg novaldex. I also took vitamin D3, Fish oil and tongkat ali (testosterone booster).

From about a few days before PCT to the second week after starting PCT, I had 0 sex drive, I am guessing my T was close to 0 during that period. However I started to recover in the following week, by the 4th week I felt pretty normal, even quite good. Morning wood, high sex drive, high energy, everything seems going fine.

The testosterone problem I had prior to the cycle which was the main motivation to start the cycle seemed to be gone. However, I was excited about doing a proper Test only cycle. I never considered using steroids before, but my short experience with the 3 weeks cycle packed 5 kg of muscle that I am still keeping. I have done much more research now and I was really excited about what results could I get with a proper one.

I did a blood test last Thursday in preparation for my next cycle, which I was planning to start next week. I though my testosterone was normal, but I was actually surprised to see that it was on the high end. The result came back at 11.15 ng/ml (I am guessing that's total T, they dont seem to be able to measure bound and free). Exactly 3 years ago my measurement was 6.18 ng/ml. Estradiol, FSH, and LH were in the normal ranges.

So now I am pretty happy with my natural levels. I am not sure if this is a temporary situation as a result of the supplementation/after effect of the PCT, but I would like to ride the wave for as long as I can.

I bought enough gear for 4 Test E cycles plus other compounds like winstrol, Dbol, deca, equipoise, HCG , clomid and Nolva (I was passing by Thailand so I though it was a good idea to stock up). My plan was to start my first cycle with T only, then add other compounds to subsequent ones.

The dilemma now is that I know that doing a cycle might affect my natural production, hence after doing it I might go back to normal or low T levels. What is your experience in terms of T levels before and after a cycle? Is it likely that I will affect my T production for life or with the help of HCG and PCT I could go back to what I had before starting it?

Thanks for your help!
Can you share your lab results here? and what are your stats; age, weight, bf%, height, cycle history etc. ?
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if your goal is muscle building . then so what if your natural T levels are on the higher end, having a natural Test increase of say 15% is nothing , in regards to muscle building . it won't really help you . you need to get to supra-physiological levels of test to get anabolic. and increase of like 500% or total T of like 4000+ ng/dl (your current natty test level of like 650 ng/dl is nothing)

so if you want to run gear and build muscle then do it, so what if your natty T happens to be on the high end right now (that high end is nothing compared to running gear). but if your goal is to maintain naturally high levels of test, then no don't run gear at all.
It depends on what you consider high. If I had some super human levels of like 4000 then probably not.

The short answer is yes I would start a cycle.
Wait whut? You bought enough gear for 4 cycles and you want to know if you should cycle?!?!? Pm me ill give you my adress to send me that shit you don't want none of that
Can you share your lab results here? and what are your stats; age, weight, bf%, height, cycle history etc. ?

When did PCT end and what was your LH and FSH?

Can you share your lab results here? and what are your stats; age, weight, bf%, height, cycle history etc. ?

Hi Milton and Megatron,

My stats:

Age: 32
Weight: 80kg
bf%: 7% (measured by caliper)
height: 184cm
Cycle history: only one, a badly planned cycle of 50mg test suspension every other day plus 250mg deca, which lasted 3 weeks. I did a 4 weeks PCT 4 weeks after the last deca shot (2nd Oct 2016). PCT was finished 11th Nov 2016.

Lab results for sample taken on 2nd Dec 2016:

Estradiol: 28.48 pg/ml (normal Male: 25.80~60.70)
FSH: 3.90 mlU/ml (normal Male: 1.50 ~ 12.40)
LH: 4.1 mlU/ml (normal Male: 1.70 ~ 8.60)
Testosterone: 11.15 ng/ml (normal Male: 2.80 ~ 8.00)
How soon after your pct were bloods drawn fir the tests? The serms used in pct elevate test number for weeks. Doubtful testosterone levels are higher several months pct than they were pre cycle