oral turinabol anyone?


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Has anyone given the Asian OT a go yet?? Im considering using it this summer but have heard very little whether its good or not.

I know some people were getting good results off of DL's before he went away. I can't vouch for other underground labs though.
IP Turinabol is good to go. It is very fast acting, and also very dose dependant. 50mg per day felt like I was injecting prop but with no painfull injections or bloating. Same high-on-life mental quality and libido was outrageous. Can be very effective alone if you want to do it that way. Doesn't suppress cortisol too much, like winstrol can, it binds SHBG stronger than testosterone, and therefore increases your serum testosterone.

Since it is also a fast acting/clearing compound it allows for VERY quick recovery post cycle. Could be because turinabol has no aromatase activity, and no estrogen increases that would hasten HPTA shutdown. My gains continued at the same rate for a couple weeks post cycle.

It acts totally unlike winstrol, dianabol, or anavar, I know that for a fact. My girlfriend likes it way better over anavar and hasn't had any negative sides taking 15mg.]

Would still like to see it lab tested.