ordering protein from trueprotein.com


do what?
what flavors/custom flavors are good?

I'll be ordering two separate proteins, one for pwo and one for regular meals/snacks. for pwo do I go with 100% hydrolyzed whey isolate? and what kind of mix for the other times?


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keep it simple

whey isolate or coldfiltration for PWO
and a 40/40/20 mix of whey/egg white/casein for throughout the day.

no need for hydrolyzed whey. Its too expensive and tastes like shit.

dont rack your brain trying to decide which of the many wheys to order. It wont make the slightest difference.

all the BSL flavors are GREAT.
as far as free flavors, i like the chocolate, vanilla, banana, and surprisingly, root beer. I sweeten mine with sucralose.

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you need fast protein such as hydro iso or isolate.


possibly glutamine, BCAA's and creatine


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neither one is necesary. i believe aminogen aids in digestability? if youre using a quality multi, and eating right, you will be getting enough vitamins/minerals anyway. Good multis have digestion aids in them anyway.


MPPM said:
what about adding aminogen and/or vitamin&mineral ?

thanx guys. much appreciated.

Next time I order I'm going to add aminogen... see if I can take more in at once.

I think the free flavors are like a hint of flavor... nothing substantial. If you want flavor got with the BSLs. Im tempted to buy team skippy next time.


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TeamSkip is good.

It is a bit thicker than the Cold-Filtration Isolate that I used to use, but I like it. With the BSL Flavours, it tastes awesome!


do what?
the scoopers that come from trueprotein equal how many grams for each scoop of:

waxy maze


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one heaping scoop of waxy maize is 40g carbs
one flat scoop of WPI is going to be about 23g protein
one flat scoop of WPI is going to be slightly less than 23g. Probably about 20ish.