pct inquiry should I use hcg post cycle


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I have just finished a 12 week cycle test 400 2ml a week I took some dianabol along side and stacked parabolin and tren tri for last 5 weeks I intended to run hcg for last couple weeks but was let down by supplier it's been 7 days since last jab and pct has just been sent should I still use the hcg or should I not bother and just take the tamoxifen and clomid also am I right that I start them 2 weeks after last jab? Any advice pls
Hard to answer with the details you gave. I'm guessing 2ml a week of test 400 equals 800 mg/wk. Let's forget the tri-tren and just look at the test.

Test 400 is a mix of enanthate at about 10 days half life, and cyp at 12 days half life. So after your last pin you wait two weeks, 14 days, just a bit more than your test half lives. Say your bloodstream equivalent drops by half to 400 mg/wk. You start taking PCT drugs with 400 mg/wk equivalent still swimming around inside you, plus lesser amounts from previous weeks. Another two weeks pass and you are at 200 mg/wk equivalent - still supraphysiological, so another two pass and now you are down somewhere below 100 mg/wk - which is where your HPTA "might" start thinking about making natural test again.

In other words assuming you are on PCT drugs for four weeks, the entire time you are PCT'ing you are supraphysiological, so your nuts are on holiday. The HCG can spur them to make test, and clomid & nolva can help your LH and FSH levels, but your hypothalamus and pituitary are sitting there saying "nope".

I'm in favor of the HCG during cycle, and in the gap between end of cycle and start of PCT. If I was you I'd get a couple bottles to be able to do a run just before starting PCT, and I'd wait until injected hormones were lower and closer to natural levels before I'd start clomid & nolva - like wait 4 weeks instead of 2 to start PCT. Four weeks, 28 days, is roughly 3 half lives (using test E at 10 days), so you would drop 800>400, 400>200, 200>100 - and be at roughly normal test levels when you start. Make sense?
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