pin sizes


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ok i know everyone says 1.5 inch for glutes but has anyone ever done it with a 1 inch and was it ok? i plan on useing 25g 1inch for everything next cycle includeing glutes i wanna hear from ppl who have done the same
You have to make sure you get deep enough. I would suggest 1.5 but 1 inch may work. What are you shooting. 25g, that will take a year to inject.
I have used 25g/1inch my whole cycle(shot in glutes). Doing sus/dec.

No problems at all. I don't have to heat it up or anything.
hell i use 22ga 1.5" no problems makes for good deep and somewhat quicker injections. 25 ga. is is pretty small definitely gonna have that sucker in for a while.23ga. might not be too bad.i believe slin pins are 27 ga.
most insulin pins are 30g

I use a 22g 1" for all my glute injections

But I'm skinny. 1.5" would probably be better if you're already big.