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Okay everyone I'm new the the forum obviously. I know a million people post looking for advice on their first cycle, but I just some want confirmation before I actually jump into a cycle.

Little bit about myself. 22 years old, 157lbs 5'7" about 13% bf. I've been lifting the last 4 years, but became very serious in the last year. I've been big into mma since I was a kid. Practicing bjj and Maui Thai, so I've always been very athletic.

From everything I have researched I've decided to do a test e cycle only.

Testosterone E
250mg Monday & Thursday
Weeks 1-12

250iu Monday-Thursday
Weeks 1-14

Arimidex .25mg
1st 2 weeks,
.5mg after Weeks 1-14

Clomid 50mg every day Weeks 14-18
Nolvadex 20mg every day

Is there anything I'm missing or should adjust?
Bloodwork done pre/mid/post pct and age. Did you read anything about doing a cycle at your age? I give you credit for doing your homework but make sure you look into all the negatives not just the positives..
the cycle looks solid.. great setup.. the problem is your age and your stats..

youre a bit too young.. you should consider waiting..

having said that, what are your goals with this cycle? whats your diet going to look like? thats WAY more important than your cycle..

here, read this.. i wrote this article for people specifically like you.. btw im a brown belt in bjj myself
I agree with Tbone ^^^ appears you did some research except in regard to your age. Man there can be serious consequences being so young. You are still growing and your body is just leaning how to naturally work. You have the possibility of never recovering and stunting growth of organs and the such.

Your natural test level at your age is plenty enough to promote as much growth as you will be able to do without AAS. At you age it has been seen more then not , that the gains will mostly be fluids above your mass gains.

AAS only helps you pass your natural potential and you have a load of natural potential without. Bad idea man.
I understand most people suggest to wait a little longer, but I have read so many people who started a lot younger and they had noidea what they were doing. I feel like as long as I follow the plan and be responsible, I shouldn't have any more issues then anyone else.
As far as what I want from the cycle, if I can keep 15+ lbs after pct I will be satisfied.
I hear and read a lot about natural potential, but like I said I've been very physically active for the last 5+ year and lifting hard and completely dedicated the last year but I havent seen much more past the "beginning" gains. I eat 6 meals a day. Plus 2 1200 calorie shakes. About 150g+ pro. Idc about being cut. I just want to bulk right now. I want to be around 170. Because of my job I workout in the am for an hour, then my dedicated workout in the evening which is usually 1.5-2 hours. I haven't grown any taller since I was 18 so I doubt have any height left. I'm currently outside of the country so I don't plan on running the cycle until I come back in a few months. Once I return I will get blood work done. Speaking of that, can you tell me the name of the specific test I need to request? While I was looking into it I found a ton of different types, obviously varying in prices. Idc about the cost, all I care about is doing it the right way and making it the most efficient and safe that I can.
You should be able to put on 10lbs easy and 15 to 20 with alot of hard work and patients. Hit your genetic potential first and the gear will come in later on when you need to push your limits.
Everyone says 10lbs is easy but I have a very hard time gaining any mass. I was 134 when I graduated high school and never made it over 145 until this past year that I've been dedicated to working out. I gained up to 157 and have stalled hard. I have about 4-6 months until I come home and that's when I want to cycle. Until then I plan on making my diet and training as perfect as I can to squeeze out the last "natural potential" I have left. If there is any other less harmful cycle for my age I can run I would have no problem changing it. Like I said before I just want to do it right and get where I want to be.
two workouts a day sound like you're over training and under eating if you can't gain size. Its true you probably are a harder gainer than many but that just means you need to rest and eat more.
Well ok it's your choice but I gotta say I think it's stupid for a young guy to come ask Q's from us and then to only disc us and say they don't care or they are different ( ha I'm fkn different) and they know better. At 22 your only a few years out and waiting just 2 years would be much better for your future.

Remember this is Russian Roulette YOU are playing. Why take the chance when we are telling you what you CAN do without it at your age and level of Natty Test. I am an ectomorph of all ectomorphs , I mean a shinny ass pretzel by nature. But I did gain without in the beginning and I was 29 ish.

Another thing that you DO NOT KNOW is that you are dealing with immature muscle. YIU have not matured yet , your muscles, and you will fill up with water weight. Even trying to control your E2. It's not all about just WATER .

Fact...depending on different factors age , time lifting etc... a man can only gain 15 to 20 lbs in a YEAR of LMM. The rest is water in which post cycle you will loose. This especially 1st or even 2nd cycle.
With what you do athletically You do not want the water.

I tell you, yes I AM TELLING you, "you can put on 10lbs +/- of LMM in the next six months naturally. And if it isn't all that much (close+/-) it will at least be Lean MM.
IF you can't do this ^^ then you do not know your body and what it needs both nutritionally and training physically to achieve this 10lb s+ Ergo the gain of fluids during this cycle.

I will make a bet that when it all ends , this cycle, and you get shed the water getting back to 12% BF you will have gained NO MORE then 5-6 lbs LMM

PS: in the grand scheme of things we are advising you to wait and take 1-1/2 to 2 years max and do it naturally. Then hop on...and hang on

you did good research as Tbone said, so finish up and do the right thing.
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