Please help! Cyctahoh

Hey fellas,

I posted a question here earlier: about some cyctahohs I got my hands on. Well, there are some questions I really need some answers to. First of, has ANYONE seen or even heard of these Cyctahohs? Eupharma seems to be the company putting them out. I checked on the net regarding Eupharma and found out that there is or atleast were a company called Eupharma in India at the time these were made.


1.) The injections don´t hurt at all, I don´t get sore at all.
2.) The "oil", when put on my tung didn´t numb it OR really taste like Nile or Omnadren at all. Yes, there were some "bite" to it, a bitter taste but NOTHING like Omnas for example.
3.) How do I explain this..? My english is really bad so please don´t laugh.. But when pushing the "oil" trough the pin to lubricate it, it wasn´t resembling oil at all. More like water! Oil slides down the pin slow, and this? Well, let´s just say it looked like I was pushing tapwater through the pin.

Please! Could some bro help me out here?
They are _supposed_ to be Russian Sustanon made in India, but things don´t seem right to me. Maybe I´m just paranoid but the "oil" is too damn thin! It bugs me. When you put some Omna or Nile on your tung it´ll numb the tung or atleast taste bitter for quite awhile.
Retabolil2 posted on another board that it was fake but still contained some sort of test since his buddies grew from it.

I really don´t know. But thanks for replying!

You cant be really sure with the taste test or with the way the oil looks.
But Id be cautious.
Theres alot of fake Cyctahoh around.
If you are suspiciuos and it really does not look like oil, I definitely would not inject it without knowing for sure what it is.