PLEASE HELP!!EQ, Decabol, and Test E??


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PLEASE HELP!! EQ, Decabol, and Test E??

Hi all I'm 23 years old, 5'10, 190lbs. I've used anabolics in the past and have had good gains and few sides. I've been out of the gym now for the better part of a year and feel like a complete ass for quitting and getting lazy. i've gotten alot softer and lost "the look" i once had and i want it back!
I'm trying to cut a little fat and get my size back. Sometime in the middle of Jan. i'm fixin to run Eq, Test E, and Decabol for no less than 10 weeeks.(400mg Deca/wk, 600mg test/wk, and 600mg Eq/wk) Please tell me whats the best way i could stack this and any comments on how to put back on the lean mass i once had not long ago!!
Thanks all
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First of all get off your ass now and start working out again and make some gains naturally, and start a proper diet. But I would not run the deca I would run test cyp at 600 mg/wk for 11 weeks and Eq 600 mg/wk for 10 weeks. Also what are your plans for pct...and what all Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) have you used in the past
I've used Sustanon (sust), Deca, Eq, Tren, Winstrol (winny). I've never taken any orals and never had any bad sides from any of the above. Jus alot of sweating in bed and irregular heart beats. I need some serious advice on how to get back into it!!