PLEASE HELP.....I have 23 days left!


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I have 23 days left until vacation. I have lost 40 lbs since august and I have regained all of the muscle I lost from not training. While Ive made some great progress...I still have around 18% BF. What can I do to maximize my results in the next 23 days. I am currently carb cycling on a High/Low/No schedule. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to maximize my diet, training, and supplementation.

Currently taking : NO-XPLODE, CELLMASS, and VAPORIZE. I have Lipo 6 but havent been using it since I started on the NO XPLODE. Oh and I have ISOPURE as my protein powder. Thanks in advance!
i dunno..but my friend of back then, claims that he looses muscle mass when he doesn't work out for a week. now, recalling that back, i'd say it's because he smoke, doesn't sleep, doesn't eat at all.