Pls. Post AIFM feedback here

I'm using it in my first cycle, 350mgTestE/W, 12 weeks.

I'm only at the beginning of my 4th week so I'll wait till the end of my cycle to post results but so far I'm a little disappointed...

I appear to be quite gyno sensitive ,even trib give me some. It seems that it is a genetic issue, one of my elder brother just have gyno on both nipples surgically removed, and he has never lift (and of course never used gear) and is a 45 years old hyper skinny guy...By the way, as it seems to be a "family problem" my insurance would cover it if I get under the knife, I'm wondering if that would be smart to do it...

Anyway, AIFM works but I have to use 3 pumps twice a day, making it a very expensive product compared to Aromasin or Adex...That's why I say I'm disappointed so far, it is a "money related disppointment". As soon as I use less than 6 pumps a day my left nipple get fatty and itchy within 48H. But once again I'm probably very gyno sensitive so...

I also think that I could be very "test sensitive". Libido ehencement is supposed to occur at the end of week three, but 12 days after my first shot BAM, had a complete sleepless night and a permanent hard on, no matter how many times I fucked my girlfriend (she had a sleepless night too ;) ). My nuts got shrunked by the middle of week 3 which surprised me as I use HCG 500IU twice a week from the begining of my cycle.

Ho, by the way I'm 30 years old, 200 (well 206 now ), 6.1.

I hope I gave you enough infos...Don't hesitate to ask for more, and as usual sorry for my bad english.
are you exfoliating and making sure site is clean prior to use?
these can make a significant impact on uptake, allowing you to use less.

though it may be that you need a stronger Aromatase inhibitor (AI). that you have high levels of conversion, either via aromatase, sulfatase or both. Letro is the only more potent Aromatase inhibitor (AI). If you experience a very high level of sulfatase conversion (while this is not common in males, it does occur) this would probably make letro a better choice.

as far as cost 6 pumps per day will still last over 40 days, should still be cheaper than most other Aromatase inhibitor (AI) options
Yes Macro, I use it after my bath in the evening and morning, I have a very thin skin and I'm almost hairless so I think that the conditions are ideal for a good transdermal uptake. I also rotate sites between inner forearms, inner thighs and top of feet.

Be sure that I don't want to flame that product. I find it expensive because for 40 bucks I have 60mg anastrazole through my favorite research site. Considering that 0.25mg EOD kill my gyno in 48H, it would last 240 days...There is simply no contest as far as only financial apect is concerned.

Anyway, may be that's only the "first rush" of side effects and that it will settle down in a few weeks. I got 2 bottles of AIFM and will use them except of course if 6 pumps are not enough to avoid gyno. As I told you, I'll give my final opinion then.

Thanks for your input.