Possible big side effect on Nebido short interval.


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Hi everyone and Merry Christmas.
Well about 7 weeks ago i thought after almost 2 years of TRT on Nebido i wanted a boost for training. I have been feeling a bit low last months so i thought extra testosteron would give me a boost.

Well this was probably stupid so i took another shot of Nebido 4 weeks after the last, and went to the gym to get going again, well it didnt start well with hurting my back on the warmup of deadlift ! Anyway no problem i went on training for a few weeks the other body part.

So after 4 weeks i notice i got flue symptoms, joint pain, muscle pain, low energy.
The worst part is I feel my psyche is not well, i feel stressed, anxious and not well at all.
This has been going on for 3 weeks now and been going on and off. Somedays i feel ok, still having physical pain.

Is this a virus i happen to get around the time i desided to get a boost or is it just the trt making me feel bad.

I have a theory my estrogent went thrue the roof, i have also increased in weight the last 6-7 months gaining about 4-5 kilos. Im around 88 kilos now.

I feel much better on trt, but i never got the boost in training or buildning muscles as some seem to get, i seem to be not only a hard gainer in the gym, but a bad gainer of trt as well.

I hope someone got any advise, i read on T-nation some people just dont react well to bigger doses of trt feeling nothing or getting side effect, while the genetic freaks ofcourse get only bonus with no side effect and amazing muscle development in the gym.

I have truly drawn all the short cards in the genetic lottery :(

Right now i feel like just going to the vetrinary and tell them this dog is to old.
Do you have the ability to get a blood test private or through your doctor? That would be so much better than guessing.
Hi, no i do not have any of those posibilites since the Dr who prescribed it two years was allready retired and dont work anymore, im afraid some feminist idiot dr will maybe fuck up my prescription. I live in Sweden so health care is almost free and i pay around 200 dollars per year for medicine total. But last time i had a back problem , turned out was ischias problem, she question why i had testosterone, so i bluntly said to be able to have sex with the wife, and she looked weird at me and shut up. If i actually were muscular she probably would give me problem. I always been skinny fat.

So either i got the flu cause of low immune or the dose fucked me up, nebido is also such long lasting so every change take many many weeks.