post cycle fina dick


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I finished a 10 week cycle 3 weeks ago (going into wk 4). I used tren 75 mg ed and test 500 mg per week for the first 3 weeks. Like a dumbass I depended on someone to get more test but they didn't come through. I know that was a newbie mistake and I won't make it again but I didn't get fina dick until after the cycle even though I was using clomid (liquid) How long will this last ? I'm using tribulus Terrestris and 4-ad prohormones. Will these help or hinder my recovery ? Any constructive advice would be welcome.
When did you start using clomid, while cycling?
Together with tribulus you could use ZMA.
I started clomid 3 days after my last injection
Day 1 - 300 mg
Day 2 - 200 mg
Day 3-14 - 100 mg
Day 15-21 - 50 mg I was using the liquid form and I wonder if it was as potent as the regular stuff. Next time I plan to use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) post cycle before I use clomid .
I'll look into getting some ZMA.
Ok, clomid therapy is ok (maybe next time try Nolvadex instead).
You already know it was not a good idea that testo stopped there in the middle of your cycle just completely supressing your endo production. Just wayt and use a good tribulus (Fuzu IMO is the best), and ZMA helps too.
The clomid is fine. Don't take the pro-hormones post cycle. They shut you down just like steroids so it is probably making the clomid worthless.

Stop the pro-h, and keep taking the clomid for a couple more weeks.
I had fina dick for 3 weeks post cycle, then it stopped, and I noticed my sex drive is back up after about 5 weeks post. I ran 150mg/EOD, and noticed a nice gain in LBM, but also gained 2%BF as my diet was not as solid as I hoped (it was hard working at nights)