Post cycle recovery and cortisol suppression


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Well its once again time to end my beloved cycle. I think this time I am going to go about my post cycle recovery a little different. I have been on the following:

Prop- 100mg ed
Drol-100mg ed
winny- 50mg ed

this was a six week cycle and the gains have been great! Now the strange thing is that I feel REALLY REALLY shut down. My nuts have disapeared....well almost. So I was thinking of the following:

Week 1-2 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) ) at 500iu M/W/F
Week 2-6 Clomid at 300/200/100
Weeks 2-6 Nolva at 20mg ed
Weeks 1-6 Injectable B-12 1000mg eod
Using slin throughout.
Also keeping cal intake at around 5000 cals per day, and protein at 350mg ed.

Now my biggest fear is that my cortisol levels will rebound and cause me to either get sick or eat away at my hard earned gains. What is the name of that supp that lowers cortisol levels? Where can it be purchased?
not sure of the spelling but phosphtitleserine , i know that the speeling is way of but its something like theta also vit c helps a little bit