Powerbuilding (How to be BIG and STRONG) (The Big 3)


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Let's dive right into, no nonsense pure facts.

Muscle Hypertrophy Comes About in 3 Ways!

1.) Mechanical Tension (Layman's term: Lift Heavy Bitch) (1-3 Rep Range)

2.) Metabolic Stress (The Awe-Inspiring Pump) (10+ Rep Range)

3.) Muscle Damage (Accumulated Volume x Intensity) (Do more sets)

I've named my routine "The Big 3"

I hit my 3 main lifts for really low reps

1.) Bench

2.) Squats

3.) Deadlift

And then I branch off of them with three exercises for the metabolic stress for isolated areas.

My average day looks like this.

1.) Bench @275 3x3
a.) Dumbell Bench @90 3x12
b.) Incline Dumbell Bench @85 3x12
c.) Shoulder Press (Or Weighted Dips, tossup) 3x15

2.)Squats @ 350 3x3
a.) Calf Raises
b.) Weighted Lunges 10 Reps Per Leg
c.) Front Squats 3x15

3.) Deadlifts @ 450 1x3
a.) Wide Grip Pullups (Weighted or Non)
b.) T-Bar Rows 3x10
c.) Shrugs 2x20

I do this twice a day, I'm still natty atm and I eat to sustain this type of work. Shown me great results! Feel free to leave your thoughts!