Preparation for a contest


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I plan on entering my first BB competition 9/20/03.

I have no idea how to prepare for a contest. Don't get me wrong, I know how to train, and I know how to eat, but specifically I don't really know how to plan out the next 3 months. Should I focus on bulking up (to what point), should I start leaning up (when)? What should my diet look like and when should I start making my adjustments. Should I split my training between morning and evening. When do I add my cardio?

Any advice from you competitors would be appreciated. I also have weak areas I want to concentrate on, (hamstrings, obliques, lats), should I train these more frenquently?

Fry if you out there give me your thoughts?
I have personally never done any shows, but from what I have learned from reading & friends that compete in shows you need to start dieting 12 weeks out. Since its your first show you need to make sure you have plenty of time to be ready. First show is always the hardest one, but that's why you give yourself the 12 weeks.
you should keep lifting heavy & start doing super sets & drop sets.
You can start hitting your weak body parts twice a week, and do cardio twice a day if you can. Do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach cause thats when you burn the most fat. Do 40min in the morning and 40min next time you go the gym(evening).
whats your weight/body fat at?
My current weight is 208. Bodyfat around 13%. If I compete in the open division light-heavy, I will have to get below 198.5 lbs. if I complete as a novice it's 178 and over for the heavyweights.

Should I start cardio now, or only 12 weeks prior to the show? I have not been doing much cardio right now but at 13-15% bf I want to make sure I have enought time to take the BF% down to where it needs to be.