Preventing muscle and tendon tears during cycle?


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When you are on something like Fina, where ul have drastic strength increases, your muscles strengthen a lot faster than your tendons. Also, its a lot heavier weight than your muscles are used to. What precautions and strategies would you use during a cycle where ur most likley gonna increase strength a lot as far as sets reps and frequency of hittin that muscle? Any suppliments to help?
I hit individual muscle groups less frequently than I used to. Of course, that's a subject of great debate.
Couldn't hurt to use abundant MSM and glucosamine/chondroitin, natural anti-inflammatories like EFA's and proteolytic enzymes (like bromelain or Wobenzyme, ON AN EMPTY STOMACH) ; I sure do, but I'm an old man, so...
I use 16 grams of MSM a day year round, spread out through 4 doses. That and always using proper form on exercises should help keep you lifting pain free...