Price check: QV enanthate

well im still pissed you get gear for half the price i could but at least that gave me 15 and let me put my girl back up
I payed $180 and honestly felt like it was a good deal, but I haven't been around as long as you guys. This guy is more expensive than the some obviously, but he has an awesome rep and I get the shit pretty fast.

You may know him as keychain man (this is not the distributor name), although I didn't get mine this time LoL
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They go for $300-$325 in the gyms. You got a fine deal!!

At $300, its still only $6 a shot...a big break from paying $12 for Sustenon!!

50 sus would cost $600...Ouch!!
The cheapest I have found the 50cc bottle is $135 and that is from a domestic source. In a gym your talking about $300. However I would avoid it do to the high BA level. It will make your ass swell up like a puffer fish. Peace.