propinate and hair


While on Propinate cycle do you guys use anything for hair??

Will your line be more affected by prop than by an other testers?

What do you guys use to battle that and do you have to continue the mediacation after the cycle too??
Sorry but the answer is simple, test is test man!! However, i did a prop only cycle last year (only 8 weeks) and nothing happened to my hair line! BUT a couple of cycles ago i used an enanthate only cycle and my hair line was fading by each day!! Have you used test before?? Have you had hair problems??
If you have a problem with loosing your hair prop will make it worse just like any other test. I have never had any problems with prop (knock on wood).
I don't have a problrm loosing hair. I read a post on AR about prop and hair. Just made me wonder if prop was worst with the hair. Thats it.

Thanks guys

Hell I was loosing my hair before I ever touched hair loss when using gear was the last of my worries...but for me I will say, that when on 750mg & up or any test per week, I facial hair & chest hair grows like mad..