Proposed First Cycle: Testosterone Only for Sprinter


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I'm in my 30s and I recreationally run track (sprints). 5'8, 150 lbs, probably 8 or 9%.
I'm on prescription Clomid for my testosterone therapy, but ever since beginning that I've been thinking more about AAS. My goals of a cycle are as follows:

* Get faster
* Get stronger
* Lose a bit of fat
* Gain no more than 5 lbs (any more and I think it'll slow me down)

After reading around a lot, my idea is this:

8 week cycle
Weeks 1-8: 300mg test cyp (split between Monday/Thursday injections of 150mg)
Weeks 1-8: Arimidex as needed
Weeks 9-10: 100mg Clomid/daily
Week 11-whenever: return to my prescription dose of 50m Clomid daily

I understand that 300 is a low dose but I'm not interested in gaining mass at all. I want to run faster and lift more. Everywhere I look online, bodybuilders laugh at sprinters' cycles as being too low dosed to do anything, yet plenty of guys seem to have success with these relatively low doses (like Ben Johnson). If I can keep acne and balding mostly at bay with a lower dose, I'll take it. I think 8 weeks is short enough that I don't need to worry about HCG.

My only other thought is that maybe a short Anavar cycle would be preferable for the mass-specific strength increases I'm looking for. OR, if I didn't want to disrupt my already-malfunctioning HPTA (hence being on Clomid already), maybe a combination of MK677 and injectable IGF-1LR?

1) Is this cycle super duper dumb?

2) Could I expect to see similar benefits for sprinting with some combination of peptides that won't shut my natural testosterone down?

3) Timing: Is it most rational to do this:

A) In the pre-preseason (roughly 5 months before competition) when I'll be in the gym the most and will have plenty of time to normalize after PCT
B) In the preseason (the 8-10 weeks leading up to first competition), with PCT planned for the final two weeks before first competition
C) During competition season (season will generally last about 10 weeks, so last competition would be during PCT)



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Stay right where your at help is coming. No need to move this thread.

To expand on the Anavar idea:

Charlie Francis had his athletes running low-dose three week cycles of Winstrol, dianabol, furazabol, or anavar for three weeks. They'd go for three weeks, then come off for three more, than go back on, etc. The theory was that there wasn't enough time for full HPTA shutdown, and the three weeks off was enough for some HPTA recovery.

IIRC, the dbol was dosed at 15mg on high intensity days, 10mg on low intensity days. A google of "Ben Johnson steroid cycle" yields some online discussion about the dosages, with most bodybuilders skeptical about how low they were.

I have no interest in running a year of 3 on/3 off, but the idea of short cycles with an oral appeals to me. To be honest, I'm worried my wife will notice if do the test injections. If I could do 8 weeks of Anavar at, I don't know, 40-60mg a day, and be assured I could recover the HTPA fine, I'd be happy. But if the negatives of that outweighs the positives, I guess I'll try to make the injections work


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how much weight you gain will be correlated to your diet..

there are a few issues here..

1. 300mg is just not enough, i would run 400 minimum

2. though youre on clomid already.. there is no point in running 100mg clomid weeks 9 and 10, it takes 2 weeks for the test to get low enough for clomid to really take effect

3. dont dose adex "as needed" start .5mg eod from the start of your cycle to the start of pct... youll bloat bad if you dont

4. pct starts 2 weeks after final injection...


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Mucho gracias.

With the Clomid, my Free T is at 17 ng/dl (total T is proportionally low - 520 - which I guess means I have low SHBG). I know there's no real method of calculating this with any accuracy, but what do you think 400mg would equal in terms of Free T levels? And, is there some threshold of effectiveness that you've observed for Free T/Total T for enhancing CNS response and lean mass growth? That is, if going double TRT doses (300 mg) got me to 1,500 Total T or something, is the idea that 1,500 Total T just isn't that effective for athletic improvements?