Proposed First Cycle With a Few Questions


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The first thing I noticed in my research is that there are a lot of opinions when it comes to gear, ancillaries, PCT. And that two very knowledgeable people on any given forum might passionately disagree about certain things. I tried to focus on threads where people were civil and used science to back up their theories.

Anyway, that's enough of an intro for now. Here are my stats and my proposed cycle:

Age: 17 (just kidding, I'm 29)
Wt: 167
Ht: 5'7"
BF%: ~18%

Bench: 1RM 230 (probably a tad bit higher, havent maxed out in a few weeks)
Squats: usually do 2 sets of 225 ass-to-grass, 8-12 reps
DL: usually do 275 8 reps, 1-2 sets

(Squats and DL weights listed are not 1RM's!!!)

I train usually 3-4 days a week for about an hour. I go for hypertrophy.

So, as you can see I'm not weak for my weight, but I realize I'm not at my genetic potential. *Gasp!*

Yes, I know in some people's minds this makes me lazy, reckless, a retard, deserving of a smack in the nuts, etc. But I want size and I've decided to go the PED route.

I don't plan on waiting much longer before I start. (2-3 weeks likely)


Gain as much muscle as possible without putting on much more than 5% bodyfat during cycle. I'm looking for mostly lean gains, but I want to get bigger and am okay with a little extra fat.


1.5-3 week cut. Try and get around 15% bf, lower if possible. Via morning cardio, lower carbs, lower calories, HIIT. (right now 2500-rest days, 3200 training days, I'll probably cut about 300 off that) Just adding morning cardio will probably do a lot for me because I'm lucky enough to be naturally lean as long as I eat right.


After getting into the nitty gritty of side effects and how steroids worked I've spent most of my time researching what cycle to take and what ancillaries to use.

Right now I have two proposed cycles, which are pretty basic and common 1st timers:

1) Typical recommended for first timers:

Weeks 1-12: Test E - 500 mg/wk (Mon/Thu)
Weeks 1-12: Aromasin 6mg/day
Weeks 2-12: 500IU/Week Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) (Mon/Thu)


Weeks 15-16: Nolva 40mg/ed

Weeks 17-18: Nolva 20mg/ed

2) Same as above but adding low dose D-bol first 3-4 weeks

Weeks 1-4: D-Bol 25mg/ed (broken up into twice or three times a day)

I'll probably do the first cycle instead of this, although it is tempting because the extra compound (and one so reputable as d-bol) will obviously result in extra muscle gain.

I plan on using aromasin because a lot of people seem to really prefer it over arimidex. I found some people who say, take either one, doesn't matter. I found no one who strongly recommended adex over aromasin. Basically instead of messing with the receptors, aromasin attaches to estrogen and destroys it completely. Arimidex may cause a rebound effect of estrogen when you go off it, but Aromasin isn't known to do that because of the way it works. There is a lot more to read about the differences and why aromasin is better, but that's just some very basic info off the top of my head.


I've been reading that if I take Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) during I can keep my HPTA good to go more or less during the cycle. (And keep my nuts nice and plump like the two hairy hard-boiled eggs that they are)

I've read the following benefits/opinions on this:

*Makes PCT and recovery quicker

*Makes coming off a cycle have less of a depressing effect on libido and mood

*Won't have to add Clomid during PCT

Probably my main question is about the Clomid as part of PCT. I know a lot of people recommend the clomid/nolva PCT that I see everywhere online.

With Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the mix, will I need the Clomid in PCT?

Another question that I've seen answered a million times with a few different opinions is, how much more should I eat? If I am eating clean could I add 500 calories to a cycle like this without getting fat?

Even though there are about a million threads on the internets about it, I'd love to hear about any experiences first-timers had with a d-bol, test cycle, good or bad.


Anyway, I'm probably leaning towards the first cycle (without d-bol) and if anything I might boost the test by 100 mg if I'm side-effect free (fingers crossed) the last few weeks and see how that makes me feel.

Thanks for any input guys.
To answer:

1)HCG during your cycle or as 10-day protocol would help recover faster. Adding or removing Clomid is up to you. Some users have only ever used one ancillary during PCT and they claim to have recovered fine. You could try Torem + Nolva if you'd like.

2)Adding calories is hard to answer as everyone is different. Listen to your body and see how much you can handle.
Glad to see you've done some researching. My last cycle was a Dbol/test e cycle that I cut short at 8 weeks due to some
Personal issues. Personally, the Dbol was OK but I didn't like the water weight. Stick with the test only cycle for your first go I'd say. Also, I've never used hcg, only clomid so I can't comment there. I recover fine on clomid. Best of luck to u and be safe!
Why don't you just run a test only cycle to see how your body reacts to it first? Then once you see how that goes start stacking. The way I look at it you should get your feet wet before you dive in, but that being said its your body, do with it as you please.