question about first cycle


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Hello everyone,

I finally hooked up with my source and he will be taking my order within the week.

He said he could get just about anything.
He has been boosting about the QV line.

My first cycle will be Test ( Cyp or Enan - whichever is cheapest )with Clomid post and Nolvadex on hand just in case.
I have been reading and visiting this site often.
Many thanks to everyone!!!

my question is what brand?
should I try the QV or go with a more 'human' gear.
Is Vet just as good as the human grade?

Also what are good name brands of Clomid or Nolvadex?

comments and/or questions will be heavily appreciated.

thank you.
I am a big fan of QV gear, I think they have very good stuff, but by all means if you can afford it I would go with human grade over vet grade anyday. The best Test Enan. would be Galenika ICN's, if you can get this stuff I would sat definitely go with that, if not go with QV, it is the best Mex. gear out there right now.
Personally I would stay away from QV. I've read alot of reports of people not making any gains, especially from there enanthate.
That's because they don't put weight on the bars brutha! QV is great stuff. Although there have been counterfeits w/the enanthate, just look at the hologram. The counterfeits that were reported did not have the rounded edge on the sticker. And was dull lookin