Question on cycling, more directed towards competitors pre contest.


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I was wondering if any Competitive BB's would ever run a cycle liek this.
Lets Say.... 14 weeks to contest
800 mg Test for 8 weeks
Then Dropping the Test
Then running Tren for like 6 weeks up till contest day to cut any bloat you may of gained from test and harden up for show day.I would imagine this would shut you down horribly. I know running back to back cycles is a bad idea, but i thought since its only 14 weeks it could almst be considered one cycle. Like a bulker /cutter in one cycle.
Im not considering this, more of a topic of interest, just curious.
No. Most pros just use diurectics at the end to dump the water retention. Along with limiting sodium intake. I know a guy who used to use test suspension and anadrol as the main part of his pre-contest stack. However, if you're just entering a local show for the fun of competing then switching to compounds that don't cause much water retention would be a decent plan rather than fooling around with diuretics.
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at four weeks out switch test enan or cyp to test sus or prop.. use tren up to day of show..also winstrol v, with gh,but cut off gh two days out to help with holding water, also clenbuterol and cytomel are a must till end of show...