QuicK Question for PCT-~~

GeTTinG JaCkeD

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Just wondering after im done my 1st cycle ... and 21 days after my last injectible and im on my clomid do you think its a smart idea to add some creatine to my diet and maybe some No2 ?? Do you think this will have good effects for me to keep most of my gains ... or do you think the clomid and No2 and creatine wont be a good mix ?? ThX ~JaKKeD~
Please forgive me for not being up to date with what exactly No2 is. But a couple points I can touch on are:

- Why are you starting post cycle therapy (pct) 21 days after your last shot? If you are taking Eq then fine, I understand, but if its just a longer acting Test like Cyp, Enan, Sust or Omna, then 14 days is a better waiting time then 21 days.

- Sure, Creatine can only help you in your post cycle recovery so feel free to use it.

Hope that helps a little.
no2 nitric oxide is a supposed vasodilator, it works like ass and costs 3x more then niacin which would give ya about the same effect.