URGENT - Need advices for Clomid after azoospermia


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Hi to all guys,

I would like to receive some suggestions from you!

I developed azoospermia after 3 months with Testo Enanthate 250mg/week.
I always had an excellent spermiogram, but everything changed after only three months, so I stopped taking testosterone and I started taking 25mg of clomid every day.
After a month and half, I get my blood tests done again and finally LH and FSH wasn't zero! So I took another spermiogram and now I have 2 millions of sperms.

It is very low, but at least, I'm not azoospermic anymore.

Since I need to get my wife pregnant (we lose our baby few months ago and now we want to have another baby), I asked my doctor how to speed up the process and he told me to switch to Clomid 50mg every day for three months.

Do you think it can be dangerous to take such a high dose of Clomid? I took 25mg/day of clomid since two months at the moment.

Can the pituitary gland get desensibilized if Clomid is used for such a long period (2 + 3 months)?


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I took 50mg per day for over a year. Have stayed on at least 25mg per day for almost 5 years and a few guys I know have gone longer. Seems to be safe as I have not yet experienced or heard of any real side effects.
Glad you are working with a doctor. I would try what he says and see how well it works. Personally I get the same effect from 25mg as I do from 50. I'm sure not everyone experiences the same though.

Good luck bro. Keep us up to date on what you decide and how it works for you.


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Clomid 50mg a day is nothing dangerous and commonly used for months

My advice

A combo of hcg, hmg, clomid and nolva


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I’m Azzosperm as well and on clomid for months now and still Azzosperm. My LH and FSH is in normal range. Anyone have this? What worked for you? Tia
I'd try IGF. I was on heavy for many years straight and always ran IGF and didn't need to PTC afterwards. In fact I got my wife pregnant 1 month after coming off.