Research Chemicals worries


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I know there are tons of research labs selling liquid stuff on the internet. But all I've read on other boards are catfights between affiliates of each company, saying one is not legit or has bad products. And many boards have sponsors.

Which one are really legit? Universal Kit is a sponsor here and also researchology. , how about Chemone and AG-GUys? All I read are their constant catfights.

I'm looking to get some nova/clomid.
The never-ending bickering between "labs" is just a part of the game. Its a money thang. Especially when 2 companies share board sponsorship it becomes an issue.

Researchology is our board sponsor. Since your here asking this, then Im gonna tell you to use them.
So they all sell same stuff, just different prices right? Like shopping at different supermarkets for oranges.
Not really. Some guys put flavorings in, some guys use PEG, PG, EO, you name it.

Id stay away from AG guys, havent heard of anything bout them in a long time.