Review about cycle and help with pct......

Hello guys need help

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:sadwavey: hello friends I am silver, need review about my cycle.
Cycle type- pyramid
Steroids used-
Test p
Parabolin (tren hexa)
Following were used.
Duration of my cycle was 12 weeks.
As it was my first cycle I started with low doses of chemical then increased gradually and later decreased.
I started with test p then as the test started to kick I switched to sustanon
So starting with
Test p 300 mg per week Week 1-3
Winny 100 mg eod week 2-6
Parabolin 153mg per week week 3-5
Now as I am reaching to the top of pyramid I started to increase my doses
parabolin 229.5 mg per week week 6-9
Sustanon 750 mg per week week 6-9
Eq in between 500 mg per week week 6-10
Stopped winny for 3 weeks
Added anavar 40 mg per day at top of pyramid for 3 weeks
Plus cycled T3 pyramidcally with 12.5 to 50 mcg from week 6-11
Now during the tail end of cycle
Dropped sust to 500 mg per week with 1 sust 250 and 3 test p
parabolin 153 mg per week
Started winny 50mg ed
Started maestron 500 mg per week
Clen was cycled 3 weeks on one week off with the doses ranging from 40mcg to 120 mcg
Guys need review about cycle and also need serious help to design pct.
Guys please lemme know if I have skipped any point.


Ology B.S. detective
That's not a good cycle for an experienced user. It's absolutely horrible for a first cycle! Where did you come up with all this? Nothing really makes any sense with it!

Pct would be nolva 40/40/20/20
clomid 50/50/50/50

You will have to look up pct calculator and type in your info to determine when to start pct. Sust stays in you for a while so you might have to wait up to 4 weeks to begin pct...

It amazes me that you can get this cycle idea from somewhere but no mention of pct at all which is the most important part of a cycle! Go read up on the ology faq's thread. It will do you good...


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Hello friend,
Thanks for explaining me about pct.
But I didn't mentioned it before that I was already ready with my pct
Hcg 2000iu every fourth day
Nolvadex 60 30 10
Test boosters etc
I have successfully completed my first cycle without any side effects and recently I got my full body check up and all the reports are normal.
I had a great experience and loved my cycle and now planning to start a cycle after 4 months.***55357;***56490;***55356;***57339;***55357;***56490;***55356;***57339;


Ology B.S. detective
Hcg doesn't belong in pct. Test boosters don't work and are a waste of money. Those do not belong in pct either. Just nolva and clomid. You got a lot of research to do bud...